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Adding Awesome to College Football Saturdays


While the rest of the world (and that’s honestly not stretching the truth all that much) is enamored with the World Cup … two announcements have been made very quietly this week that will change the way we watch college football.

First, Twitter began supporting animated GIFs in its timeline. The process of posting them is as simple as adding a photo to a tweet.

Second, Twitter announced the acquisition of SnappyTV, one of the more popular tools for clipping and editing of live TV.

OK, you’re asking … so what? Isn’t this supposed to be a post about watching college football?

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Who Dun It??? The Tom Brady Knee Injury Saga


I don’t know if you use the internet. I do. A lot. Mostly Twitter. Which is where I heard the devastating news earlier today about Tom Brady’s knee injury. Thankfully, Twitter was there for me in my time of need. During this hours-long saga, where actual news reports were few and far between, Twitter kept me entertained, and informed. I’ve rounded up some possible explanations for what exactly went down on the field today, and who is behind this whole terrible ordeal, and posted them here, for you. You can thank me later with a cold brew or two. Or you could watch the video footage and make a determination for yourself.

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Football Can Wait

Fall Baseball

I know most of my fellow Draft Day Suit writers were enjoying a veritable football orgy yesterday. How do I know? They were all over the twitters. Read more…

The Internet Olympics

While this isn’t the first Olympic games to have a strong internet presence, it’s the first to play out on twitter. And ho0-boy, is it ever. Twitter is full of #nbcfail and other less kind criticisms of the network’s choices about what to show (effectively censoring the opening ceremony for US audiences) and when to show it (Primetime? Seriously? And this comes from the last person on the planet without DVR). One journalist has had his twitter account suspended at the request of NBC. (Sensitive much?) People are complaining all over the place about not being able to see what they want, seeing too many spoilers, and seeing too many complaints about the complainers. Read more…

The Tweet Off Their Back

LPGA Tweets

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  The LPGA debuted a new addition to the caddy bibs at the Wegman’s LPGA Championship this week in Pittsford, NY:  twitter handles. Yes, that’s right, LPGA players with twitter accounts will have them advertised on the backs of their caddies. Read more…