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NFL Roundtable: Inaugural Edition


A small but eager group of Draft Day Suit writers got together this morning to talk NFL football in a Google+ hangout. We were either crazy or brave because we recorded it for you. We also inaugurated the first ever Hochuli Tracker. That’s just for me. Read more…

NFC South Preview


Here I go again, making crazy predictions about the NFC South – the division that is closest to my own heart. My prognosticating might not be what you are expecting – for example I am not picking the Saints to win the NFC South like every other person on the internet. I also didn’t pick the Bucs to win despite my deep and true love for Tampa Bay.

Check it.

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The Kellen Winslow Jr. Trade: A He Said/She Said

Kellen Winslow Jr. Bucs

As you may have heard, last night the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded tight end Kellen Winslow to the Seattle Seahawks for a conditional sixth round draft pick. Then the Bucs went and picked up Dallas Clark. I was going to tell you how I felt about this as a Bucs fan and then I realized that I could ask Draft Day Suit’s Mighty Hunter, a Seahawks supporter how he felt about it too, and wouldn’t that be more fun?

The answer is yes. Yes, it is more fun. Just go with it.

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War Room: Draft Day Suit Takes on the First Round of the 2012 NFL Draft


NFL Football fans! Are you awake? Craving input? Trying to decide if you should proudly wear your favorite team’s jersey to the mall or buy out all of the head-sized paper bags at the local grocery store? Well, the writers at Draft Day Suit have done our part to help you make these important, football-related decisions for next season. Our painstaking research and in-depth analysis of each team’s first round pick will surely arm you with the bragging rights and information that you crave.

Actually, we just chose our favorite team’s picks and, for the most part, lambasted them. I mean, that’s why you come here, right? Right.

Let’s get to it. Read more…

Buccaneers Hire New Head Coach


Today the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally hired a new head coach. Was it Mike Sherman? Marty Schottenheimer? Brad Childress? Wade Phillips? Joe Philbin? Chip Kelley?

Nope. The Bucs made a five year deal with Greg Schiano.


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