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Oliver’s Premier League Show, Premier Edition

Oliver's first premier league show

My son Oliver is seven years old and the apple did not fall far from the tree. He has made occasional appearances in our NFL roundtables but his latest obsession is Premier League soccer. When I couldn’t name more than half the teams, Oliver made me a list. From memory.

Anyway, he was bemoaning the lack of Premier League coverage on Draft Day Suit (everyone’s a critic) and asked if he could have his own regular column. We decided to try video and talk about two big Sunday matches. Read more…

2012 Isn’t a World Cup Year. Or Is It?

Linda Cuttone/Sports Vue Images

You would think a Tuesday night game between the United States and Jamaica in September two years before a World Cup wouldn’t be a big deal. Heck, the game between the same two teams last Friday was only being broadcasted in the U.S. on a network that next-to-no-one can watch, so how big of a deal could it be? Read more…

Field of Dreams

Sarah Crilly

So it apparently doesn’t just happen in the movies…

It’s one of the most dreamed-about scenarios to any sports fan; you’re in the stands, watching your favorite team play and suddenly, due to injuries or some other freakish accident, the team needs you.

The coach points up to the stands and calls your name… now it’s your turn.

You rush down from the stands, get dressed in the team’s uniform, take the field and score the winning goal!

And then you wake up…

Only for one young lady from Scotland, it wasn’t a dream, it actually happened. Read more…

The Beautiful Game in the USA: MLS Wild Card Round


Can you believe it? It’s already time for the playoffs! This is the best time of year for fans and teams alike, a time when the best of the best rise to the top and show the US who is the best MLS club.

Yes, MLS, meaning Major League Soccer. You have to know that the USA has a soccer league. We share it with Canada, much like the Canadians share a hockey league with us? Come on, guys, the MLS has been in North America for 16 years now. You should try it, you’ll like it. Read more…

Get Off the Phone, Soccer Parents

The oldest boy is playing soccer. The kind of soccer where they actually have practices and games and as a parent you have to go.

He’s so excited he can’t see straight.

He’s also not very good at it. That’s fine. The boy isn’t all that athletic. Maybe he’ll grow into it. Maybe he won’t. But he’s having fun, and he thinks he’s good and loves it. To me, that’s what it’s all about at this stage in the game.

I will freely admit I had my cell phone out, texting a girlfriend while they were getting organized at the beginning of practice. I had a book, I had my great big old picnic-style blanket spread out, purse half dumped and was putzing around doing this and that. But as practice got going, I set down my phone and sat to watch the shenanigans.

Eight-year-old boys who don’t have a clue how to play soccer trying to practice playing soccer is sort of a hoot.  They’re uncoordinated, they don’t pay attention and I just find there to be something joyous and hilarious about them. They’re playing a game in its least competitive form, and it’s just fun.

So all this parental musing about the nature of sport aside, I notice a kid shoving another kid out on the field. Being a completely judgmental parent, I look around to see whose jerkwad kid this is.

And that’s when I noticed.

Everyone is on their phone except me.

Texting, surfing, talking. They’re doing anything except watching the field. So I sit and observe the parents. Thumbs are flying and smiles spread over their faces as they continue to communicate with their digital world that they’ve brought with them to the soccer field.

They are missing it. They are missing the sucky dribbling and passing. They are missing the boys’ total inability to weave in and out of cones. They are missing the corner shot that knocked a kid down.

They are missing their boys being 8 years old and trying to learn a sport. This moment won’t come back. As a matter of fact, it’s over.

I’m not a perfect parent. I text more than I should and hell if my phone would surf the web I’d be snagging content from it as well. But if I believe sports are important enough for my child to play, then they ought to be important enough for me to pay attention to while they learn.

Get off the phone. Jerks.