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The NHL’s Houdini Act

Bring Back Our Game

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are over and have left a lot of fans and analysts debating about whether it was one of the greatest playoffs, from start to finish, in the history of the game. As a Canadian, and a rabid hockey fan, this kind of sticks in my craw a bit. Let me explain why. Read more…

Countdown To Ecstasy?

counting down to Ray Lewis' retirement

Ray Lewis.

I think I just heard the collective gag of about 100 million football fans around the country. Because you need say nothing more to evoke a visceral response in a group of otherwise level-headed folks (as we all know NFL fans are, right?) than…

Ray Lewis.

There it is again! It seems to be loudest coming from the Northeastern part of the country. And judging from this billboard in the Boston area, the fans of New England have no loss of love for the Ravens linebacker as they countdown the hours to the joyous occasion of his retirement, which they hope will come at the hands of their Patriots this weekend. Read more…

The NHL Is Losing Its Brains


The NHL Is Losing Its Brains

Because they’re all getting smashed in to a pulp against the boards.

I’m telling you, Brendan Shanahan has got to feel cursed. Here he is, with the highest TV ratings of a playoff round in years. The US Audience is actually tuned in for a change. And yet at the same time, every single night his iPhone lights up with 10,724 voice mails, texts and twitter messages about yet ANOTHER player getting floored by yet ANOTHER dirty head shot.

Hope he has a flat rate for texting, is all I can say.

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On the Caps and the Playoffs


Playoff hockey is upon and and I can hardly watch.

You see, I am a Caps fan.

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The Divisional Playoffs – Sarah’s Picks

I wish he wouldn't do this, but I guess he has earned the right.

Huh. I was sure wrong about Denver. Also the Giants.

Well, to be fair, the Giants just did their regular thing, it was Atlanta that I was wrong about. I forgot that they don’t win playoff games.

Two. 2.

WHO SCORES TWO POINTS IN A GAME? This isn’t baseball, Atlanta.

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