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Take Away Their Toys….and they win?

Steelers coach bans ping pong

I made a bold prediction this football season. I said the Steelers would go 7 and 7. At the time, I didn’t think it was bold at all. In fact, I was pretty sure they would prove me wrong and get to the playoffs. Some how. As my fantasy opponents are well aware, I can be wrong in so many ways when it comes to football. I expected this to be no different. Read more…

Merry Christmas, From Dick Lebeau

Dick Lebeau

In years past, the Pittsburgh Steelers have regaled us with Christmas carols, making us all hope and pray they don’t decide to quit their day jobs. Even this (non-playoff) year.

Okay, they did sing this year, but they shared something else, something very special, with Steeler Nation.
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Jag Rags Are For Jagoffs

Jag Rag

Hey, Steeler Nation, listen up. Yinz know how the rest of the NFL and, indeed, the sports world in general has always been so green with envy over the storied franchise that is the Pittsburgh Steelers, along with their rabid and loyal fan base that extends to Steeler bars around the world, the sheer awesomeness that is the City of Pittsburgh and, most of all, the legendary Terrible Towel? Well, hold on to your Iron City, and get a load of this. Behold, the “Jag Rag.” Read more…

NFL Roundtable: Week 11

Thomas Jefferson and Sarah

We discuss all manner of things in this edition of the NFL Roundtable. Most notably, which team has the best backup quarterback being pressed into service this week. We are also reminded once again that there is a striking amount of parity in the NFL. Like woah. Read more…

Rust Belt Football: He Picked WHO? Edition

rust belt

Uncle Crappy, Uncle Crappy, (sigh) Uncle Crappy. What are you thinking? Read more…