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Manning and Manning: Rapping and Selling DirecTV

Mannings 3

Yesterday Sara sent me an email which contained a link to a video. The subject line of the email read: The Manning Brothers Rapping.

In the parlance of our times, ERMAHGERD!

(video after jump)

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Denver Broncos Roundup

Montee Ball

The Denver Broncos management team has been busy. In an off season that has been built around cutting the fat and building the support system that Peyton Manning needs to win another Super Bowl, John Elway and John Fox haven’t let any grass grow under their feet. Read more…

NFL Roundtable: Inaugural Edition


A small but eager group of Draft Day Suit writers got together this morning to talk NFL football in a Google+ hangout. We were either crazy or brave because we recorded it for you. We also inaugurated the first ever Hochuli Tracker. That’s just for me. Read more…

War Room: Draft Day Suit Takes on the First Round of the 2012 NFL Draft


NFL Football fans! Are you awake? Craving input? Trying to decide if you should proudly wear your favorite team’s jersey to the mall or buy out all of the head-sized paper bags at the local grocery store? Well, the writers at Draft Day Suit have done our part to help you make these important, football-related decisions for next season. Our painstaking research and in-depth analysis of each team’s first round pick will surely arm you with the bragging rights and information that you crave.

Actually, we just chose our favorite team’s picks and, for the most part, lambasted them. I mean, that’s why you come here, right? Right.

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A Tale of Two QBs: Peyton Manning vs. Tim Couch


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” – Football Fans in Cleveland and Indianapolis. (And Charles Dickens)

With the Denver Broncos’ recent signing of Peyton Manning, it’s made this Browns fan wonder about what might have been if Cleveland had been granted our replacement / expansion team one year earlier. In 1998, the Indianapolis Colts used the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft on Manning, the QB from Tennessee. In 1999, the expansion Browns used the #1 pick on Tim Couch, the QB from Kentucky. Those two horizontal neighbors provided very different types of QBs to Ohio and Indiana, two vertically neighboring states.

Let’s compare and contrast the last decade-plus for these two gunslingers to see who has done better overall since getting drafted:

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