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Carla and Crappy Show: The Aloha Oregon Edition


It’s Week 2 of the college football season, and we’re already discussing what we’ve learned so far this season … well, for every team except LSU, which ended up not playing in Week 1. Will that affect the Tigers as they head into Starkville to face a Mississippi State team with a chip on its shoulder?

Other questions pondered in this episode:

  • Is this *finally* the year that Michigan State gets that elusive win over Oregon?
  • Will Tennessee live up to its self-fulfilling prophetic hype and beat Oklahoma at home?
  • What is the proper execution of the forward pass?
  • Why in the heck is Crappy wearing a Hawaiian shirt?

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Carla and Crappy Show: College Football is Back!

Ohio State

Yes, it’s that time of the year again … when fans of programs across the country learn whether or not their respective favorite teams will live up to the hype that’s been granted them for the past eight months.

And, returning just before pregame warm-ups, Crappy and I are back for season four (yes, really!) of our weekly college football prognostication webcast.

We make our preseason predictions for this year’s College Football Playoff, and then dig into the actual football games being played this weekend, including a rare road trip for Texas on opening weekend, the “neutral site” that isn’t so neutral if you’re a Wisconsin fan, and the intrigue of a rematch between Ohio State and Virginia Tech. (Think emotions will run high in Blacksburg? Nah, neither do we.)

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Carla and Crappy Show: The Championship Week Edition

College Football Playoff trophy

And so we’re here. Welcome to Championship Week … well, unless you’re the Big 12, that is. Every game this week is important – even games that aren’t technically championship games.

We’re keeping our eye out on upsets … continuing the seemingly endless Baylor vs. TCU debate … talking about yet another new quarterback at Ohio State … and wondering if there is any possible way that Missouri can beat Alabama. (We don’t have our hopes up on that last one.)

We get things started Friday night, talking about the Pac-12 Championship Game between Arizona and Oregon. By the time Sunday morning rolls around, we’ll know which four teams are going to have the chance to play for that gold and silver trophy in the first-ever College Football Playoff. Read more…

Carla and Crappy Show: Rivalry Week Edition

Land Grant Trophy

It’s the most wonderful week of the year. While Crappy and I are obviously looking forward to Thanksgiving (or Swedish Thanksgiving as the case may be), we’re also looking forward to a ridiculous slate of college football. It’s rivalry week, ladies and gents.

Land Grant TrophyWhile we make a brief mention of Ohio State vs. “That Team Up North” (did I do that right, Crappy?) and Michigan State and Penn State’s battle over the world’s ugliest trophy (that’s it pictured at right), we’re paying closer attention to rivalry games that will play a huge role in the College Football Playoff. Which team stands to gain more, TCU or Baylor? (I’m not sure we ever answered that question.) Which game matters more, the Egg Bowl or the Iron Bowl? (We’re going with the Iron Bowl by the slimmest of margins.)

So, after resuscitating from your turkey-induced food coma, enjoy feasting with us on some college football rivalries.

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Carla and Crappy Show: The Texas State Championship Edition


As we prepare for Week 13 of the college football season, Crappy and I take a closer look at the top 10 teams as ranked by the College Football Playoff committee.

Alabama’s No. 1 (OK). Mississippi State is still in the playoff at No. 4 (also OK). But what to do about Baylor and TCU? How did TCU stay ahead of Baylor after a lackluster performance against Kansas? And how in the heck did Ohio State jump Baylor?

The questions aren’t easy … but discussing them sure is fun, isn’t it? Read more…