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OMFG, Aaron Hernandez, You Giant Dumb Dummy.

Aaron Hernandez being put into a police car outside his home after being arrested.

I’m ashamed. As a 20 year supporter of the Patriots, I’ve had to defend against a lot of trash talking: “cheaters” “pretty boy” “hoodie“ “Uggs” “Dark Lord” “signed Tebow” “keep losing to Eli who’s really not that great” and I take it all in stride. I will not, however, defend an alleged murderer. I’m not a Ravens fan, after all.  If you did “orchestrate the murder” of Odin Lloyd, then I hope you rot in a jail cell forever. As much as I love your on the field play (how many amazing catches did you make, just last season???) I will not support you during this trial. Sure, maybe I’m jumping the gun here and I should wait until a court finds you guilty, but the evidence is just so damning. The fact that you attempted to destroy the evidence is even more damning.

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Aaron Hernandez May Be Arrested in Connection With North Attleboro Murder

Aaron Hernandez

It started out to seem like a weird coincidence, Aaron Hernandez of New England’s’ Patriot fame was being questioned about a body found in a warehouse about a mile from his residence.  The initial story was rather random, a question of a rented vehicle didn’t seem to be very relevant – rental cars go through lots of hands, some of them of shady people.

But the conversation didn’t stop.

It came to the attention of authorities that Hernandez had hired a team of house cleaners on Monday and what do you know, the surveillance system that police asked to take a look at, he destroyed it. Ooops!

So who is this dead man, and what tie did he have to Aaron Hernandez? Funny you should ask, it seems he has a bit more of a connection to Aaron Hernandez than just a rented vehicle that is somehow tied to his death – it appears that the deceased, Odin Lloyd, dated Hernadez’s girlfriend’s sister (draw that out on paper if you need to). Apparently, Odin (cool name) and Aaron spent some time at a nightclub this past weekend before Odin turned up dead with no one to sit vigil for him. (One for the literati.) Read more…

Seattle Seahawks Roundup


After what can only be generously termed as an average start to last year’s NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks went on to win seven of their last eight games to enter the postseason with a winning record for the first time since 2007. They won their first road playoff game since 1983, defeating the Washington Redskins, and they were about 30 seconds away from advancing to the NFC Championship game for the first time since the year they advanced to the Super Bowl against the Team That Shall Not Be Named.

So, you might say that expectations are high for the isolated upstarts from the Pacific Northwest. What have they been doing during the offseason? Let’s take a look.

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Tebow: He Deserves a Shot

He sure looks like a quarterback.

Why does this man not have a job?

Tim Tebow had one of the most successful rookie seasons in NFL history. He was one of the most decorated quarterbacks in NCAA history. Yet, here we are, 2 years after his first round pick by the Broncos, being released by a mediocre Jets team, and no one, not even the last place team, will give him a contract. This is mind-boggling to me.

Whether you like him or not, he turned the Broncos 2011 season from dismal to a success; more success than anyone ever thought he or the team would have. This was after being named the third string QB after Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. After Orton started the season 1-4, Tebow was named the starting quarterback and there was enthusiasm in the stadium that hasn’t been seen in the Mile High city since Elway was quarterback. And there were wins. Enough of them to put them on top of their division and get them into the playoffs for the first time in 5 years.

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If Haslam’s a crook, Crappy is done


I think about the investment I’ve made, and it makes me furious.

I lived through the 1970s, when the team was a shadow of the domination over the two decades that preceded. I endured the 1980s and the early 1990s, when the team came agonizingly close, over and over and over. I stuck by what was left of the team when it was uprooted and hauled off to Baltimore.

And, since the Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, I’ve stood by my team, even as it’s cemented its reputation as the laughingstock of the league.

That most recent stretch has been the toughest. Disengaged owners, one of whom was instrumental in moving the team to Baltimore. Coaches who had no idea what they were doing. Incompetent front office leadership, drafting bust after bust after bust.

And, to the surprise of no one, on-field performance that barely passed as professional.

Last year gave me reason for hope. The team was better; there was real talent — some anyway — in place of the castoffs and head cases that had populated previous rosters. Sure, there was a coaching change at the end of the year, but it came with good reason — we got ourselves a new owner.

Jimmy Haslam knows football. Before buying the team in Cleveland, Haslam was a minority owner for the Stillers, a team that, uh, has a decent track record with personnel and coaching staff decisions. He said all the right things, too, pledging that the Browns would turn around, quickly and decisively.

I couldn’t wait, for the draft, for training camp and for the season.

And then, yesterday, I read this.

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