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The Weekly Rewind

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Welcome to The Weekly Rewind, our attempt to look back at the week that was in the world of sports. Now with more snark and sass, and less Manti…. Read more…

NFL Roundtable: Week Nine

Draft Day Suit week 9

There is far too much agreement happening on these roundtables, but not all the games are unanimous. The one thing we can ALL agree on? We want Ed Hochuli’s job.

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New Twist In NFL’s Bountygate



NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has recused himself as the judge, jury and executioner in the Bountygate appeals. In his place, Goodell has chosen none other than Paul Tagliabue. Because nothing says “hey, I’m so shitty at my job” like bringing in your predecessor to handle the job for you.

Tags is a good man for the job, seeing as he used to be the NFL Commissioner and is also an attorney. The problem with it is that unless all these suspensions and everything are thrown out, this is going to keep going until the end of the season.  Read more…

NFL Roundtable: Inaugural Edition


A small but eager group of Draft Day Suit writers got together this morning to talk NFL football in a Google+ hangout. We were either crazy or brave because we recorded it for you. We also inaugurated the first ever Hochuli Tracker. That’s just for me. Read more…

BREAKING: Looks Like Vilma Was Guilty in BountyGate After All


Well, well, well. New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma maybe didn’t take any money for brutal hits on opponents it sure looks like he offered some to his teammates.

At least that is what his defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams is said.

In a sworn statement.

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