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Old School Is New Again in the NBA


The NBA is going Old School again. With the dawning era of the “Big 3”, both in Boston and Miami, the team concept was lost. Things are changing.

The Indiana Pacers are an old fashioned NBA team. There are no superstars. There are players that are becoming household names (Hibbert, George, Stevenson) mainly due to their performance in the postseason. While they are making a name for themselves, the true story is the old one. The team concept.

Across the floor is the vaunted Big 3 v 2.0. James, Wade, Bosh. While Bosh is definitely above average, he is no superstar. Wade once carries the Heat on his shoulders, but injuries seem to prevent him from optimal performance. James, and this is hard to say for a Cleveland Cavalier fan, is THE best player in the league. He is the Superman of the Justice League. He is the leader and clutch player that people expected him to be over a decade ago.

But the Big 3 is NOT the Justice League that it once was. They now depend on performances from the Birdman, Haslam, Chalmers.

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Brittney Griner Has a Real Shot at the NBA


Soon Brittney Griner could be a Maverick in more than one sense of the word.

Dallas Maverick’s owner, Mark Cuban, has come out publicly and said that if Griner were the best player available on the board he would draft her. Griner has expressed interest.

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The Year In Sports, Mostly


Yoda is back. He’s not in a very good mood.

Ah, October. Leaves falling, thoughts swing to holiday cheer, and sports pundits turning their attention to divining the best and worst of the sports-world in 2012. The Yoda is  getting an early start.  Call it a report from the ¾ pole…the Yoda is turning for home and finishing strong. Hopefully the Lasix will kick in about halfway through this rant.

Despite real-world problems like Syrian unrest, a failing global economy, and the beginning of flu season, the basic tenets of world order remain in place, with the Yankees once again ensconced in playoff baseball.  Time to start paying attention Yankees fans…like you do about this time every year. Read more…

Linsanity: We Have To Write About It

jeremy-lin- basketball

As many of us know, I am the worst sports writer person ever. My predictions are often wrong (stupid Packers), and frankly, you can usually find me writing something immature about buttholes (as opposed to mature butthole commentary) instead of intently paying attention or endlessly debating the sports topic of the day. As a matter of fact, until I heard the term “Linsanity” yesterday, I could have hit Jeremy Lin with my car and had no clue that an entire country would want me spinning on a rotisserie.

The first time I heard the man’s name was in a heated debate on ESPN about who you’d prefer to have the ball at the end of the game, Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin?  And all I’m thinking is, “Is this Linsanity or Linxanadu?”

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NBA Cancels First Two Weeks of Season, No One Seems to Care

So to the surprise of no one, NBA owners and players failed to reach a deal yesterday, meaning the lockout will continue and at least the first two weeks of the season will be cancelled.

“We had certainly hoped it would never come to this,” said Commissioner David Stern.

Really?  Maybe you hoped it wouldn’t, but you pretty much guaranteed it would.  As Billy Hunter, executive director of the players’ union, put it, this was “preordained.”    “We probably need to miss a few games for them to be convinced there is resolve among the players,” Hunter added.

I’m not a collective bargaining expert, but I can offer the following highly technical summary of negotiations thus far:  The owners and the players are still really far apart.  Players and owners are talking a lot, in very serious voices, about hard cap v soft cap, revenue sharing, Larry Bird exceptions, luxury taxes, other stuff about money, more money stuff, players want money, owners prefer to keep money, etc etc oh my god make it stop.

This lockout has been going on for over 100 days. And yet? No one seems to care. Football is exciting and going gangbusters (Lions 5-0? Say what?)  Hockey has started back up (did I ever imagine I’d one day consider hockey a more exciting and marketable sport in the US than basketball? No I did not, and yet here we are.)  And we always have college basketball, where people actually play defense and seem to care about being on a team instead of just showing off their individual skills.

So maybe I’m biased, because *I* certainly don’t care, but from where I sit? Take all the time you need, NBA dudes. No one really seems to miss you anyway.