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Baseball Says Thank You

Cutch Hug

MLB thanks the fans, but how do I say, “Thank you,” to baseball, besides forking over the cash for my season tickets, of course?

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The Atlanta Braves have thrown the gauntlet in the arena of making a video and it’s a mic drop on all the other teams who didn’t go there.

We have a song, folks. We’re pretty much obligated to win at this point, don’t you think? Read more…

Win or Lose, We Are Fans Forever

It's our very own Greis!

One of our writers made the front page of her local paper today. Many of us feel her pain. Read more…

Ryan Braun And The Ridiculousness That Is Major League Baseball

Ryan Braun

You can add Ryan Braun to the growing list of disgraced athletes who have been caught using PEDs. From the sound of things, A-Rod isn’t too far behind and my distaste for baseball is at a point where I just don’t care to support it anymore.

Braun, the 2011 NL MVP, accepted his 65 game suspension on Monday and will forfeit the remaining $3 million or so dollars on his $8.5 million dollar salary. He issued a statement about realizing his mistakes and being sorry for those he disappointed. He most likely wrote the apology while sitting on his couch, which is made solely of $100 bills. Read more…

The Beanball: A Scourge In Baseball

Adam Greenberg holds his head after being hit by a pitch in 2005.

Nothing infuriates me more during a baseball game than a beanball. Ok, ok, maybe bunting. I’ve never understood why so many fans cheer for a bean. It’s not the sportsmanlike behavior fans expect of the men that we pay a lot of money to watch play a game we love. These men are paid quite handsomely and are idols to many in their communities, and then in an instant they can turn to this childish attempt at “revenge”. What happened to being the bigger man? What happened to playing the game with grace? What happened to ethics?

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