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It’s Madness Already, Even Before the Tournament


Would the team that wants to win the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament please stand up? Or at least … win a couple of games? Consistently?

It seems that’s been a tough task this season, which has been full of court storming and inexplicable losses.

If you follow college hoops regularly, the whole idea of putting 68 teams into a bracket in less than two weeks and picking a winner should make you tremble with fear.

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Draft Day Suit Brackets Progress Report


I bet you are wondering how the Draft Day Suit brackets are going.

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Bracket Busters

This is my conductor's bracket. Ouch.

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Madness, I tell you. They call the NCAA basketball tournament March Madness for a reason. I have never seen a tournament with the kinds of upsets that we saw yesterday.

Yesterday morning a total of four 15 seeds had beaten the 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Ever. It hadn’t been done since Hampton beat Iowa State way back in 2001.

On Friday it happened twice. Before most people even got home from work Norfolk State (15) had upset Missouri (2) 86-84, then later that evening Lehigh (15) won a pretty convincing game over perennial basketball powerhouse Duke (2).

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Madness. March Madness.

My 2009 March Madness Bracket

Yesterday was selection Sunday and I think we all know what that means. BRACKETS.

Yes, my friends ’tis the season to compulsively check scores and carry highlighters around in your pocket.

I just dated myself, didn’t I? Well, maybe I did, but that can’t stop the madness. So, please join us here at Draft Day Suit for our annual NCAA Tournament Brackets.

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Bracket Attack!

Ok, full disclosure, I don’t watch much college basketball. I have a hard time mustering any attention to it pre-mid March, you know? I think it’s decent basketball, but the tournament is so compelling because it’s so frantic and so often really, really close. Otherwise, they’re taking a lot of ill-advised shots. Or as I like to say during pick-up, “Put a tent over that circus!”

You would think such ignorance would liberate me in making my picks, but alas, it has not been so. Instead I recall every prejudice I’ve ever had about any college basketball program ever and apply it to this year’s tourney despite its obvious insignficance.

“Duke, not with that pasty Danny Ferry!”

“Michigan with those long shorts!”

“Notre Dame? Oh, the pope would like that now wouldn’t he?”

Instead of polishing up my bracket in 10 minutes, I’d spend 3 to 5 work hours reading

Brackets even I can understand. I take the one on the far right.

synopses of all the teams and constructing a wonderful fantasy land in which 3 lines of text improve my
chances of success in some statistically significant way.

But the last few years I got smart and constructed a more “effective” strategy. I decided to always pick a team that is “unpopular” (i.e. not very good) with the expectation that if they win it, I’m guaranteed to be in the money, despite getting 4 to 8 correct picks in the first round.

Brilliant, right? I could have taken the “smart” pick, Ohio State. But I live IN Ohio. You know how many Nuts there are around here? Bunch-a-million (as my friend once replied when pondering how many records the Beatles had sold). Picking them would have required me to actually know something other than that Ohio State was good. Duke? Don’t they win like every year? These choices are far too obvious! One must think outside the tiny 3/4s boxes.

And man, am I looking like a genius right now. There are upsets all OVER the place. Butler’s making another unlikely run. AND something called “VICU” (do you spell the letters or try to say it as a word?? I mean, who are those guys?) is also in the Great 8. This looks like the perfect year to have applied my airtight strategy and come out like a bandit. Seriously, that Pitt pick is looking so sweet right about now.