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Crosby Spitting Teeth, Out For Months

Sidney Crosby's Teeth Were Pretty Straight, Actually

If I have to say it out loud, and I will, then let it be known that not 30 seconds before Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in the gold medal hockey game for Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics, I stated the words “If Crosby gets this goddamn goal, I swear to God I will never trash him again.” And then moments later Crosby stuffed it in to the back of the net on a pass from Jarome Iginla, and my living room erupted in to pandemonium. Gold, baby, GOLD.

But it came with a price: my favourite pastime of Crosby Bashing. For years, he’d been my favourite punching bag. I sold my soul to the hockey gods. Fair price, I suppose. But I was prepared to adhere to the terms of the deal: no more would I say unpleasant things about the perfectly talented fellow, despite sore temptation. Read more…

The Weekly Rewind

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Welcome to The Weekly Rewind, our attempt to look back at the week that was in the world of sports. Now with more snark and sass, and less Manti…. Read more…

I Guess You WERE Super Drunk

Tiny Winky

Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan proved why things like a “Super Drunk” law are actually necessary but not only being a douchebag and driving drunk, according to reports he blew .3 and was driving down a street the wrong way.

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The Year In Sports, Mostly


Yoda is back. He’s not in a very good mood.

Ah, October. Leaves falling, thoughts swing to holiday cheer, and sports pundits turning their attention to divining the best and worst of the sports-world in 2012. The Yoda is  getting an early start.  Call it a report from the ¾ pole…the Yoda is turning for home and finishing strong. Hopefully the Lasix will kick in about halfway through this rant.

Despite real-world problems like Syrian unrest, a failing global economy, and the beginning of flu season, the basic tenets of world order remain in place, with the Yankees once again ensconced in playoff baseball.  Time to start paying attention Yankees fans…like you do about this time every year. Read more…

NHL Cancels Entire Preseason


The NHL made it official today – they are canceling preseason. All of it.

The National Hockey League had originally cancelled all preseason games up through September 30th. Now, they have cancelled preseason in its entirety. The lockout continues. I guess the talks aren’t going well.

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