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The Carla and Crappy Show: Ohio State Needs Help Edition


The Buckeyes don’t play on Saturday, but Week 11 could work out to be a big one for Ohio State. (Their SECOND bye week of the season? There are bye weeks in college football? Who knew?! – ed.) It also looks like the best Thursday night of college football EVAH. Carla recommends doing some thumb exercises to prepare. See our predictions after the jump.

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The Carla and Crappy Show: Karma Bites Bret Bielema Edition


For the 10th week of the college football season, Carla and Uncle Crappy pick three games and one pig-pickin’ in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where Bret Bielema continues to learn about #karma. Read more…

Carla and Crappy Show: Do It For Joe, Go Bobby Mo! Edition


Carla and Crappy tackle five games this week, despite one half of our dynamic duo being under the weather (and in an adorable snuggie).

I’ll venture to guess this is the only national college football show to feature Robert Morris and Duquesne.

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The Carla & Crappy Show: The Oh God Get a Hit Edition


For a college football preview and prediction show, Carla and Crappy continue to be a little distracted by the baseball playoffs. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much offense to grab their attention so they were able to get right down to the football predictionating.

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A Reason To Not Care


Every July and August is the same. That’s the time of year I’m really getting wound up about college football, but it’s also the time of year I look to northeast Ohio with glimmer of hope … that the Cleveland Browns might be better this year.

I felt that way this summer as well. The team’s owner not only hasn’t been charged with any felonies, but he’s bent over backwards to make right the things that his company did to its customers. The team actually had assembled some veteran talent on defense to go with the usual stream of youngsters. And on the other side of the ball, there was what appeared to be a respectable second-year quarterback and what should have been a very good second-year running back behind him. OK, so the playoffs would have been a stretch, but on paper the 2013 Browns looked to be a team that could have pushed for a .500 record.

And now, two weeks into the season, the team’s management has pulled the plug. Read more…