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QB That I Used to Know

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It’s a Sad Day in Indy

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Peyton Manning became a free agent after being released by the Colts today. It really wasn’t a surprise, as the Colts had all but officially released the information, but it’s the “official” part that has Colts fans reeling. After a dismal 2-14 season without Manning talk has the Colts drafting Andrew Luck and going in a completely different direction for the upcoming NFL season.

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Manning to Jets? NO NO NO!


According to a recent article at the NY Daily News, The Jets front office is of the opinion that Peyton Manning would be a perfect fit for their team if they threw away — I mean traded — Mark Sanchez. Read more…

Did You Feel That Manning-Sized Disturbance In The Force?

As though a million voices cried out in fear and were suddenly silenced? It wasn’t the Death Star. No. It was worse.

It was this – breaking news on that Peyton Manning went in AGAIN last night for surgery.

My 63-year-old mother texted me. That’s right. She texted me.

“Manning had another surgery! It’s breaking news!”

Colts fans throughout the universe are praying and sacrificing goats but the fact of the matter is, just like when the Pacers were our drug of choice and Reggie Miller was injured – sometimes, SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO PLAY.

What is this going to mean? What about the revenue? What about the fans? Hard to say. But one thing is for sure. No Manning this week. And that’s bad news for Colts fans.

If you need me, I’ll be sacrificing this panda to the football gods. It’s a sad panda, so no worries.

The Kansas City Chiefs Win The AFC West

Yes, I know I am about five days late on this. But I am the only writer on the Draft Day Suit staff that gives a shit about Kansas City sports, so you will listen when I have the microphone dammit!


Anyway, thanks to my fine friends in Cincinnati (specifically Carson Palmer for ripping San Diego’s defense a new asshole), my beloved Chiefs have locked down the AFC West division title. And man, does it feel good! Not only have we made the playoffs for the first time since the 2006 season, but we actually get to host a playoff game at the new Arrowhead Stadium. Double bonus!

When this season began, I wouldn’t have even dreamed that we would be playoff bound let alone division champs. Hell, I was shooting for an 8-8 record and just a bit of progress in the playoff direction. To say I am surprised and thrilled would be an understatement. But with all this excitement comes a tad bit of worry. And what worries me the most? Indianapolis is still in the playoff picture.

If you aren’t familiar with Chiefs’ most recent playoff history, lemme pull you up to speed. Three of the last four playoff games the Chiefs found themselves in just happened to be against the Indianapolis Colts. How many of the three did the Chiefs win, you ask? ZERO. It’s basically the same old story each time. The Chiefs show up, Peyton Manning confuses them with shiny things, and we lose. Period. Point. Blank.

So, with the Colts needing a win this weekend, all I can do is one thing and one thing only. Well, actually two things. First? Drink beer. That always helps any situation. Second? Cheer on the Tennessee Titans, of course. So, here’s to you, Tennessee. Please, please do me a solid and kick some Colt ass this weekend. The entire Kansas City area will forever be your friend.