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A Reason To Not Care


Every July and August is the same. That’s the time of year I’m really getting wound up about college football, but it’s also the time of year I look to northeast Ohio with glimmer of hope … that the Cleveland Browns might be better this year.

I felt that way this summer as well. The team’s owner not only hasn’t been charged with any felonies, but he’s bent over backwards to make right the things that his company did to its customers. The team actually had assembled some veteran talent on defense to go with the usual stream of youngsters. And on the other side of the ball, there was what appeared to be a respectable second-year quarterback and what should have been a very good second-year running back behind him. OK, so the playoffs would have been a stretch, but on paper the 2013 Browns looked to be a team that could have pushed for a .500 record.

And now, two weeks into the season, the team’s management has pulled the plug. Read more…

If Haslam’s a crook, Crappy is done


I think about the investment I’ve made, and it makes me furious.

I lived through the 1970s, when the team was a shadow of the domination over the two decades that preceded. I endured the 1980s and the early 1990s, when the team came agonizingly close, over and over and over. I stuck by what was left of the team when it was uprooted and hauled off to Baltimore.

And, since the Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, I’ve stood by my team, even as it’s cemented its reputation as the laughingstock of the league.

That most recent stretch has been the toughest. Disengaged owners, one of whom was instrumental in moving the team to Baltimore. Coaches who had no idea what they were doing. Incompetent front office leadership, drafting bust after bust after bust.

And, to the surprise of no one, on-field performance that barely passed as professional.

Last year gave me reason for hope. The team was better; there was real talent — some anyway — in place of the castoffs and head cases that had populated previous rosters. Sure, there was a coaching change at the end of the year, but it came with good reason — we got ourselves a new owner.

Jimmy Haslam knows football. Before buying the team in Cleveland, Haslam was a minority owner for the Stillers, a team that, uh, has a decent track record with personnel and coaching staff decisions. He said all the right things, too, pledging that the Browns would turn around, quickly and decisively.

I couldn’t wait, for the draft, for training camp and for the season.

And then, yesterday, I read this.

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Grudemonium, Y’all

John Cave Osborne

If you live in Knoxville, Jon Gruden to Tennessee was more than just a pipe dream. It was a way of life. Even so, the most sane among us will admit that based on everything we heard from local media, there was a fighting chance.

Then, the local media turned on a dime and stomped out all the Grudemonium. Or at least they tried to. But one fan’s not going down without a fight. Read more…

Rust Belt Football: He Picked WHO? Edition

rust belt

Uncle Crappy, Uncle Crappy, (sigh) Uncle Crappy. What are you thinking? Read more…

Rust Belt Football: Bugspray Edition

hands team

Uncle Crappy is back with yet another Rust Belt Football video. With two teams on bye weeks, it’s a short one.  Read more…