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Rust Belt Football: He Picked WHO? Edition

rust belt

Uncle Crappy, Uncle Crappy, (sigh) Uncle Crappy. What are you thinking? Read more…

Rust Belt Football: Celebration Week

Uncle Crappy

Uncle Crappy had a good week last week. He went 2 and 1 and the Browns won. Not too shabby.

Let’s see how he fares this week.

Without any further ado, behold! Uncle Crappy and his rust belt picks for week 7.


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Rust Belt Football: Happy Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday Uncle Crappy

It’s birthday week, a sub-set of birthday month, in Uncle Crappy’s world but he still took time out of a busy (drinking) schedule to make another Rust Belt Football video. Read more…

Rust Belt Football: Which Way To Heinz Field Edition


Uncle Crappy is back with brand spanking new Rust Belt Football, aka AFC North, football predictions. The stalkers among you will learn which way to turn from Uncle Crappy’s house if you want to find the Mustard Palace, aka Heinz Field.  Read more…

AFC North Preview: He Said Edition


Here is Adam’s view of the AFC North, just a bit different from Jill’s. It’s hard to be a Browns fan. Really, really hard. –ed.

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