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BREAKING: Looks Like Vilma Was Guilty in BountyGate After All


Well, well, well. New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma maybe didn’t take any money for brutal hits on opponents it sure looks like he offered some to his teammates.

At least that is what his defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams is said.

In a sworn statement.

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Will Manning Favre This Up?


This whole Peyton Manning thing is making me nervous. A nice guy. An All-American quarterback. A Super Bowl winner. A franchise player. When I think of the Indianapolis Colts I think of Peyton Manning.

The same way I used to think about Brett Favre whenever I thought about the Green Bay Packers.

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Randy Moss Wants to “Unretire”


Being an NFL player must be the greatest job in the world. I mean, that’s how it seems to me. Why else would players subject themselves to severe physical injury in their 20s and early to mid 30s, retire, and then want to come back? Is it the camaraderie with teammates, the thrill of defeating the competition, the satisfaction of breaking records, the monetary compensation?

It’s probably the money.

Of course, I would say this, as I am not an NFL athlete. Still, it’s the only reason I can come up with for Randy Moss’s announcement, via a live Ustream chat, that he wants to play again in 2012. Moss, who turned 35 on February 13, said in the video, “I wanna play football. Your boy is going to come back here and play some football, so I’m really excited. I had some things I had to adjust in my life.”

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Brett Favre Considers Lots of Things That Will Never Happen


Twitter is all atwitter about how an ESPN source is reporting that Brett Favre would listen if the Bears called.

Not that the Bears have contacted him. I’m sure Ryan Leaf,  Joey Harrington and my friend Billy would listen too if we’re just making a list of people that would be interested in playing quarterback for Chicago that should probably not be holding their breath by the telephone.

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Michael Vick: the Sequel

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles

Few athletes’ stories have been as much of a roller coaster ride as has the story of Michael Vick. From his celebrated entrance into the league, to his astonishing play, all the way through to his serving jail time and resurrecting his career to the tune of a $120 million paycheck, this turbulent ride has seen more throw-up than an incoming text message from Brett Favre.

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