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Can the Ravens Repeat?

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed kisses the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Can the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl two years in a row?

We all know how hard it is to win the championship two years in a row. Every team guns for the winner from last year. You know the day the 2013-2014 schedule is released every team playing against the Ravens will have that date circled in red. Last year nobody expected them to win – well, nobody but me, but this year everyone will see them coming.

I don’t mean to say that having won last year counts Baltimore out. Teams have done this before, The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowls I and II, The Miami Dolphins won VII and VIII, New England, San Francisco and Dallas have all done it and the Pittsburgh Steelers have won back to back Super Bowls twice.

We won’t know the Baltimore Ravens schedule until next week, but we do know this:

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Ray’s Last Dance


I remember the first time I saw the Ray Lewis dance live. It was the first time I went to M&T Bank Stadium and Ray Lewis wasn’t even playing. He was injured. Did that stop him from doing his little dance and making the crowd go wild? Hell no.

That was the day that Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens won me over.

I can’t explain it exactly, but Ray is a superstar. It reminded me a little bit of seeing Ronnie James Dio on stage. You know, except Ray is easily twice as big, Tony Iommi wasn’t there, and Dio was never convicted for obstruction of justice.

At least not that I know of.

But I digress.

Ray Lewis is retiring this year, and I, for one, will miss the crap out of him.

Have I showed you this carrot cake that looks just like him?

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NFL Roundtable: Week 11

Thomas Jefferson and Sarah

We discuss all manner of things in this edition of the NFL Roundtable. Most notably, which team has the best backup quarterback being pressed into service this week. We are also reminded once again that there is a striking amount of parity in the NFL. Like woah. Read more…

Rust Belt Football: He Picked WHO? Edition

rust belt

Uncle Crappy, Uncle Crappy, (sigh) Uncle Crappy. What are you thinking? Read more…

Rust Belt Football: Celebration Week

Uncle Crappy

Uncle Crappy had a good week last week. He went 2 and 1 and the Browns won. Not too shabby.

Let’s see how he fares this week.

Without any further ado, behold! Uncle Crappy and his rust belt picks for week 7.


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