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And Then Samuel L. Jackson Showed Up …


If this is the way that the 2016 college football season gets started, I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Not only did we get a thrill-of-victory-agony-of-defeat ending here in Nashville thanks to South Carolina’s comeback win (which was quite surprising, to be totally honest), we got an unexpected thriller in Knoxville as nationally-ranked Tennessee survived being Michigan-ed (that’s for you, Uncle Crappy) against Appalachian State … at home, nonetheless.

And then, this absolutely perfect moment happened:

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Football Stadiums, ‘Property Brothers’ Style

Property Brothers

It’s a situation that the “Property Brothers” would love. Read more…

Lovin’ the Lochte


It’s November and it’s like 15 degrees outside. And – news flash – the Steelers suck so football is kind of dead to me. Obviously, what I need is the next best thing…swimming news! What – you didn’t see that coming? Well, there are some people out there who just can’t get enough Ryan Lochte. They are going to be a little disappointed about what’s going on in his world. Read more…



The Atlanta Braves have thrown the gauntlet in the arena of making a video and it’s a mic drop on all the other teams who didn’t go there.

We have a song, folks. We’re pretty much obligated to win at this point, don’t you think? Read more…

Aaron Hernandez May Be Arrested in Connection With North Attleboro Murder

Aaron Hernandez

It started out to seem like a weird coincidence, Aaron Hernandez of New England’s’ Patriot fame was being questioned about a body found in a warehouse about a mile from his residence.  The initial story was rather random, a question of a rented vehicle didn’t seem to be very relevant – rental cars go through lots of hands, some of them of shady people.

But the conversation didn’t stop.

It came to the attention of authorities that Hernandez had hired a team of house cleaners on Monday and what do you know, the surveillance system that police asked to take a look at, he destroyed it. Ooops!

So who is this dead man, and what tie did he have to Aaron Hernandez? Funny you should ask, it seems he has a bit more of a connection to Aaron Hernandez than just a rented vehicle that is somehow tied to his death – it appears that the deceased, Odin Lloyd, dated Hernadez’s girlfriend’s sister (draw that out on paper if you need to). Apparently, Odin (cool name) and Aaron spent some time at a nightclub this past weekend before Odin turned up dead with no one to sit vigil for him. (One for the literati.) Read more…