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NFL Off Season Round Up

Joe Flacco

While most sports fans have happily moved on to the NBA, March Madness, NASCAR, and counting the days until MLB Opening Day, I’m counting the days until the NFL draft and the day that QBs and receivers report to training camp. (OK, not exactly. I don’t know how many days to either of those things but I’ll find out if you really need me to.) As an NFL girl, this is the loneliest time of the year. The Super Bowl is but a memory and the heat of summer workouts is only a dream. It’s times like these that sportswriters are weeping and gnashing their teeth for any shred of a story that they can find. (OK, not exactly. There are some players that don’t need any encouragement. At all.) Thus, I present a round-up of NFL news: the good, bad, and probably quite ugly. Or stupid. Or whatever it is that we can find. We’ll just go with that, shall we?

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The Weekly Rewind

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Welcome to The Weekly Rewind, our attempt to look back at the week that was in the world of sports. Now with more snark and sass, and less Manti…. Read more…

A Few Things You May Have Missed

Nick Fairley Mugshot

HBO finally found a team (that wasn’t the Jacksonville Jaguars) that they could sucker in to doing Hard Knocks this year. Joe Philbin has gone of the record saying that his Miami Dolphins think that Hard Knocks is a good chance for the Dophins to show a new identity.

But wait! It gets more embarrassing! Have you seem their new uniform?

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College Football Recap – Week 8


Clearly the college football gods read my weekly recaps here. This is how I ended last week’s post:

Next week has some big match-ups and I for one will be hoping for some upsets. We haven’t had enough of those this season for my liking.

And hoo boy, did we get some amazing games and some AWESOME upsets! I just woke up from my drunken stupor from all my Saturday celebrating on Monday morning, just to write this post!

Let’s get to those recaps!

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College Football Recap Week 7


It was another exciting week in college football this weekend. The top teams are starting to move themselves from the rest of the pack, and just in time as the first BCS poll came out Sunday night.

Now here are some highlights from this weekend’s games:

Oklahoma State 38, Texas 26

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