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The Beanball: A Scourge In Baseball

Adam Greenberg holds his head after being hit by a pitch in 2005.

Nothing infuriates me more during a baseball game than a beanball. Ok, ok, maybe bunting. I’ve never understood why so many fans cheer for a bean. It’s not the sportsmanlike behavior fans expect of the men that we pay a lot of money to watch play a game we love. These men are paid quite handsomely and are idols to many in their communities, and then in an instant they can turn to this childish attempt at “revenge”. What happened to being the bigger man? What happened to playing the game with grace? What happened to ethics?

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OMFG, Aaron Hernandez, You Giant Dumb Dummy.

Aaron Hernandez being put into a police car outside his home after being arrested.

I’m ashamed. As a 20 year supporter of the Patriots, I’ve had to defend against a lot of trash talking: “cheaters” “pretty boy” “hoodie“ “Uggs” “Dark Lord” “signed Tebow” “keep losing to Eli who’s really not that great” and I take it all in stride. I will not, however, defend an alleged murderer. I’m not a Ravens fan, after all.  If you did “orchestrate the murder” of Odin Lloyd, then I hope you rot in a jail cell forever. As much as I love your on the field play (how many amazing catches did you make, just last season???) I will not support you during this trial. Sure, maybe I’m jumping the gun here and I should wait until a court finds you guilty, but the evidence is just so damning. The fact that you attempted to destroy the evidence is even more damning.

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Titus Young Arrested Three Times in One Week

Titus Young t shirt

Shattering NFL records, former Detroit Lions wideout Titus Young was arrested three times in one week.

THREE TIMES IN ONE WEEK. You have to work hard at moral turpitude to actually get arrested that often. You also have to be obvious. In Young’s case it also helped to be drunk and disorderly.

You see, last Sunday Young was pulled over for making an illegal left turn. The police arrested him for suspicion of driving under the influence. Later that night he was arrested again for trying to break his car out of the impound lot.


But wait! There’s more!

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NHL Lockout: Are We Looking at Another 2004-05 Implosion?


As of 12:00AM, EST no CBA has been reached between owners and players in the NHL.

Hockey fans everywhere breathe a collective sigh of, “Shit!”

We’ve done this before. The epic fail of the lockout 2004-05 resulted in an entire season of hockey being lost. But more importantly, it resulted in a spiral of a sport which was just reaching a pinnacle of popularity. There is no question that the lockout of 2004-05 had hugely detrimental results for the NHL and for the popularity of professional Hockey. The hard-working, seemingly everyman image of the NHL became one of prima donna money squabbles and general ultra-rich dude skullduggery.

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The NHL Is Losing Its Brains


The NHL Is Losing Its Brains

Because they’re all getting smashed in to a pulp against the boards.

I’m telling you, Brendan Shanahan has got to feel cursed. Here he is, with the highest TV ratings of a playoff round in years. The US Audience is actually tuned in for a change. And yet at the same time, every single night his iPhone lights up with 10,724 voice mails, texts and twitter messages about yet ANOTHER player getting floored by yet ANOTHER dirty head shot.

Hope he has a flat rate for texting, is all I can say.

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