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Hockey Arena Trivia – Playoffs Edition

Mellon Arena

Mellon Arena

With the NHL playoffs getting underway, and those of us in Pittsburgh feeling nostalgic about the Penguins’ last season in the Igloo, it occurred to me that all the Eastern Conference playoff teams are in newer arenas. Okay, so all the arenas are newer than the Igloo. It’s the oldest in the NHL. We’re going to have a spiffy new one next season. But I digress.

Your challenge for this round of Draft Day Suit trivia is to name the former homes of the Eastern Conference playoff teams. I already gave you Pittsburgh. Here are the rest of the teams:

Washington, New Jersey, Buffalo, Ottawa, Boston, Philadelphia, and Montreal

Just for fun, here’s a bonus question:  Why are the blue lines in a hockey arena solid, while the red line has a pattern?

As always, put your answers in the comments and Draft Day Suit bragging rights could be yours!

March Madness Tournament Trivia

Here are four trivia questions to ponder while watching March Madness. It’s more fun than crying over your broken brackets.


  1. Indiana has won five national championships – more than any other Big Ten school – but which school leads that conference in Final Four appearances with nine?
  2. Who is the only coach of the Kansas Jayhawks to have an overall losing record?
  3. What current ACC head coach was a starter on the 1983 NCAA Championship winning team?
  4. What team won the championship in 1980, the last year Syracuse had a #1 seed?

Put your answers in the comments. First reader to get all four correct wins our undying adulation.


Lame Ass Hockey Trivia With Kim

It’s clear that the Olympics did nothing to mitigate general hockey hysteria. Now that the NHL regular season has resumed here’s a chance to show off your knowledge of NHL history.

At the end of each game, three stars are awarded to the game’s most important contributors. What’s the origin of the three stars? How are the three stars selected?

[ed. note: What do the stars even MEAN? Can we start there? Thanks. Carry on.]

Please leave your answers in the comments. Draft Day Suit bragging rights are on the line, currently held by our last winner, Melissa.