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And the Draft Day Suit Bracket Winners Are…

…clearly not Butler. Whoops.

Yes, UConn won the National Championship, but more importantly Erin B (a.k.a EzzaBee) won the Draft Day Suit Bracket Challenge and  $200 in merchandise from the Yahoo! Sports Shop.

In second place, winning $100 from the Yahoo Sports Shop, is my neighbor, Rick. Now, I’m really happy that Rick won something because 1) he is a really nice guy and 2) sometimes he feeds my cats when I go on vacation but – BUT! I would like to point out that I picked HIS college to win the whole thing and Pitt and Louisville are what wrecked my brackets.

I tell you that partially to share the injustice, but also to explain why I was out yelling in my street yesterday, just in case you were wondering.

So congratulations to Erin, Rich and the University of Connecticut Huskies.

Erin, I need your e-mail address.

Draft Day Suit 1000

A thousand times is a lot of times to do anything.

  • Patrick Marleau of the San Jose Sharks played his thousandth NHL game last week (and scored a goal while he was at it.)
  • Denver Nuggets coach George Karl coached his thousandth game in December, while Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski did the same last February.
  • Teresa Weatherspoon of the New York Liberty was the first WNBA player to score 1,000 points.
  • Darryl Strawberry managed to notch 1,000 RBIs while engaging in his array of extracurricular activities.
  • Brett Favre has retired 1,000 times.

And nearly five years — and as soon as I hit “publish”, a thousand posts ago — a sports blog was born.

No, not that other one you read. This one. Don’t you appreciate anything? Geez.

Seriously, Draft Day Suit is a thousand posts old today. Kemp kicked things off with the first post in April, 2006, warning of great things to come. I wasn’t part of a lot of it, so I can still say with only about a thousand million percent bias that the ensuing years have made that warning come true.

Sarah and Gidge 2005ish

Sarah and Gidge, natural habitat

What has that greatness entailed? You can click around and see, but basically it’s more Tiger and Brett than you can shake a club at (seriously, Tony was begging the media in 2006 to stop fellating Favre already. 2006!), not to mention a lot of Venus’s underwear and Tebow’s tears.

(And yes, Venus is an unquestioningly awesome tennis player. Her lingerie-clad competitions are just kind of a thing. And don’t start with me about Tebow.)

We represent and enjoy covering all parts of the world, but our home team allegiances are pretty cool. (Even if you root against us.) Roger continues to take us through the trials and tribulations of loving Cleveland sports, and T.J. has recently signed on to do the same for Kansas City. Katie and Kristabella are loyal to the city of Chicago (with some ASU thrown in for Kristabella, PAC-10 minus USC for Katie.) Kim and Uncle Crappy rep Pittsburgh (and some other teams — they’re complex like that) and Kendra is as loyal to Denver as Laurie (that’s me in the third person) is to Washington. Commissioner and fearless leader Sarah has told you lots of times about her love for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Mayopie (in addition to being Brett Favre’s perhaps most incisive psychological profiler) has Atlanta covered.  Oh yes, and Shannon gives us some Canadian hockey cred, while rooting for the Sens from Ottawa.

Laurie with Peter Bondra

Laurie begging Peter Bondra to guest post for Draft Day Suit

And of course, besides the usual suspects, we try to take a regular look at college sports, put a much-deserved focus on female athletes and hear from parents about kids getting started on the playing field.

Enemy Territory

Sarah, Kim and Laurie at Yankee Stadium

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a sample of the best of a thousand posts, from some of the best there are — the current roster of Draft Day Suit writers. Without them, well, there wouldn’t be anything at all. (And if you have some time to kill, go back through the archives. There is some great stuff in there — written years before I came along, so again, only a thousand times biased.)

Gidge – Back in My Day, We Learned Sports in School

Jonna – Yes, Yes, I Am Rooting for Michael Vick

Kendra – Visiting Coors Field

Kim –  Sports and War: Not the Same Thing

Kristabella – College Football Recap Week 14, the Final Countdown Edition (and every other one of them — these were some awesome recaps.)

Laurie-LeBron James Has an Ego and it’s on Twitter Too

Lori –It Sucks to Win Silver

Mayopie – Andre Johnson Will Beat Your Ass

Katie – What Would it Take for the BCS to Adjust Pairings

Roger – Landis on Armstrong: He Always Kept the Good Shit for Himself

Sarah –Troy Polamalu’s Hair is Worth A Million Dollars

Shannon – Blackhawks Win Long, Strange Race to the Stanley Cup

TJ – Why I Love the Royals

Uncle Crappy – A Losing Battle

Thanks for reading and thanks for playing, whether this is your thousandth visit or your first. May your draft day suit always be the fanciest on the team.