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Could Ed Hochuli (and his guns) Really Be Done For the Season?

NFL referee Gene Steratore - Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Generally speaking, refereeing is a thankless job. We, the fans, expect perfection on every call and then rarely reward a job well done. One missed call, however, and suddenly they’ve drawn the ire of coaches, players, and fans alike. Earlier this season we dealt with several weeks of officiating nonsense thanks to an ill-timed strike and less than qualified replacement refs. It would seem that several contractual changes may be affecting crew lineups in the upcoming post-season.

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The Year In Sports, Mostly


Yoda is back. He’s not in a very good mood.

Ah, October. Leaves falling, thoughts swing to holiday cheer, and sports pundits turning their attention to divining the best and worst of the sports-world in 2012. The Yoda is  getting an early start.  Call it a report from the ¾ pole…the Yoda is turning for home and finishing strong. Hopefully the Lasix will kick in about halfway through this rant.

Despite real-world problems like Syrian unrest, a failing global economy, and the beginning of flu season, the basic tenets of world order remain in place, with the Yankees once again ensconced in playoff baseball.  Time to start paying attention Yankees fans…like you do about this time every year. Read more…

Replacement Refs Give Seattle Seahawks Win They Don’t Deserve


It kills me to write this article. Flat out kills me. Read more…

Danica Patrick Is No Longer A Rookie: She Just Races Like One

danica patrick swimsuit

Richmond International Speedway was the venue for Danica Patrick’s 50th Nationwide Series race two Fridays ago. That right — 50th. Not 5th. Or even 15th, but 50th. I point this out only because if you watched her race that night, you’d never know she had so many laps under her belt. Because despite the fact that Danica Patrick is no longer a rookie, she still races like one.

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Michael Phelps: The Greatest Olympian Ever…Or Not


To say that I’ve been disappointed with NBC’s coverage of this year’s Olympic games is…well, it’s a huge understatement. There have been so many moments that left me confused, outraged, and overall disappointed.

One of the biggest irritations for me has been the crowning of Michael Phelps as “The Greatest Olympian Ever” by Bob Costas and company. Read more…