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Looking For Danica Taking the Pole Jokes?

Danica Patrick Grabs Pole

Danica Patrick won the pole for this year’s Daytona 500 and middle-aged adolescents all over the world reverted back to their Beavis and Butthead phase and made as many jokes as possible.

Indeed, I was among them.

At first, I was just gonna write a post with some funny headlines, but then I thought I’d let Earl and them’s buddy give his take on it. And I gotta tell you, just making the video was highly offensive experience.

It’s for that reason that I’m completely and totally discouraging each and every one of you from watching this. But if you insist on watching the Danica Patrick video, so be it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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An Open Letter To NBC

Canadian GP 1999 2

Marie has been an Formula 1 fan for 30 years – ever since she fell in love with the sport watching the 1983 Monaco Grand Prix (won by Keke Rosberg).  Her favorite race commentators have to be Murray Walker and Sir Jackie Stewart.  She has been known to do her own color commentary from the comfort of her sofa, as her husband and kids can attest. (And I’ll confess to not knowing there was a network called Speed. -ed.)

And just like that, two networks broke my heart….  I heard the news on twitter (where else, these days).  Formula 1 is moving from Speed to NBC.  Apparently, FOX is doing a way with Speed, making it another all-sport channel.

So here is my open letter to NBC from a F1 fan who’s been tuning in for 30 years. Read more…

Danica Patrick is too Sexy For Words

Danica Patric on car in bikini

I should be more irritated, I suppose, that Danica Patrick told reporters at NASCAR media day that she was so over being called sexy. Blahblahblah, hypocrite, blah. Because, this:  Read more…

Dan Wheldon Dies In Crash At Las Vegas Motor Speedway

dan wheldon 2005 indy

Dan Wheldon, the 2011 winner of the Indianapolis 500 has died after a 15-car crash this afternoon at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The crash came after just 11 laps were finished in the final race of the 2011 IndyCar series.

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Kyle Busch Got His License Suspended – Sort Of

On the drive home from Target tonight my kids urged me to go faster on the freeway than I ever should. So I told my kids about Kyle Busch getting his license taken away for speeding, and they had a couple of questions.

#1: Who is Kyle Busch?

Well kids, he’s the jackass race car driver who thinks he’s special, you know like the people who park next to the curb at the grocery store while they run in to buy whatever it is that people with fancy cars buy.

“Ah”, said the oldest, “he must have an expensive car”.

Righty-o chap. He does have that.

Kyle says he was test driving a new Lexus and got carried away and he’s sorry for his ” lack of judgment”.  Oh, it’s okay Kyle. I’m sure you didn’t mean to do it.

#2: How fast was he going?

He was driving 128 mph in a 45 mph zone. Yes, kids, he was driving super fast. In fact he was driving 33 mph over the “reckless” driving statute in North Carolina. That is a mere 83 mph over the posted speed limit.

Kyle only had his license suspended for 45 days. If it was me, they would have locked me up and thrown away the key, no matter how many times I said I was an excellent driver. Just because he drives fast cars for a living doesn’t mean that he should be driving a fast car on the mean streets of the city or the suburbs or even a country road. He’s just another dumb son of a gun who thinks he’s invincible and gets away with it.

#3: Does he still get to race cars?

Yes, kids. Yes he does.

How does that work? You get your driver’s license suspended, but you can still drive? I don’t get it.