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Carla and Crappy Show: The College Football Sucks Edition

College Football Playoff trophy

It’s the final college football game of the season … which means it’s the final Carla and Crappy Show of the season. And if you haven’t guessed by our show title this week, while we’re happy to discuss the National Championship Game, we’re maybe not as excited about our respective teams’ bowl appearances.

But we put those feelings aside … and delayed our official move to hockey season by about 20 minutes … to talk about the 2016 season and the title game between Alabama and Clemson.

We start by talking about how excited we are about the re-emergence of the Big Ten … and our disdain with the lackluster playoff games and how it’s tough to figure out how to solve that problem.

And when it comes to the title game … here’s a spoiler alert … we’re not at consensus.

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Carla and Crappy Show: The Highly Caffeinated, National Semifinals Edition


In this early morning Christmas vacation edition of our little show, we dive into the two national semifinals and answer some of the pressing questions that maybe no one else other than the two of us are asking:

Does Washington have a shot against Alabama? (Spoiler alert: We both think so.)

Is anyone not going to pick Alabama? (Another spoiler alert: We’ve talked about this already.)

Did Clemson defensive back Jadar Johnson make a mistake by saying he’s “faced better quarterbacks” than Ohio State’s J.T. Barrett? (And yet another spoiler alert: Crappy definitely has an opinion on this.)

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Collegiate Sports Play the Name Game … and Fail


What’s in a name? Apparently not much, if you’ve been paying any attention at all to the ridiculousness that has been the off-season name changing of major events and conferences in college sports.

(Yes, there are still college sports being played. But with football and basketball carrying the major television deals up until the softball and baseball postseasons, we’ll call this the offseason.)

It all started in January when the Mountain West, once again boasting 12 teams after Boise State and San Diego State opted to leave the Big East before ever either ever really joined it in the first place, announced that it would divide into two divisions named … wait for it … Mountain and West.

Innovative, huh?

But the simplicity of this decision apparently did not go unnoticed across the collegiate ranks. Read more…

NFL Roundtable: Wild Card Weekend

wild card roundtable

It’s Wild Card Weekend in the NFL and Sarah, Kendra, and Kim are not lacking in opinions. Read more…

Wild, Wild Card

In "The Mick's" day, second place meant ALWAYS meant no playoffs.

This Friday, Major League Baseball will host its first-ever Wild Card games in its new expanded format. This will be a one-game, winner-take-all between the two wild cards in each league for the right to advance to play the team with the best record in each respective league.

Some traditionalists are not fans, either because they aren’t in favor of adding an additional playoff team in each league or because of the one-game format. Frankly, I think those folks are completely wrong for several reasons. Read more…