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Caps in 7: I Totally Called It

Caps Game 7 Bruins Goal

I hate to say I told you so.

No. I really don’t hate that at all. Plus, I said the Capitals would win it in 7.

Of course, I also said this:

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List of NFL Players Who Aren’t Making Enough Money


According to Darren Rovell of, a league-wide evaluation has uncovered a list of players who, according to Darren, are “not making enough money.” And it’s an okay list, I suppose, listing names like Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski,  Matt Forte and others. Read more…

Dancing With the Football Star: Mirror Ball for Hines Ward

With all the hysteria in Pittsburgh today, you’d think Steelers receiver Hines Ward had just hoisted this trophy once again:

Nope. The trophy behind the hoopla is this one. And Ward won it for dancing.

That’s Ward and his dancing partner, Kym Johnson, on Tuesday night, as they won the coveted (ahem) Mirror Ball Trophy as the best dancers on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. And Pittsburgh is as excited about this win as it would have been for winning a Super Bowl ring for the other, uh, other thumb.

I’m normally not too crazy about all the extracurricular stuff that goes with living in Stiller* Country, but I have to give Hines credit. I watched nearly every episode — a problem I brought upon myself by agreeing to sort of cover the series as part of my real job — and the football player acquitted himself well. Ward’s personality — which I’ve heard described as something like shooting sunshine out his ass — was evident on the dance floor, and he was consistently rewarded for it by the judges, who were responsible for half of the total scores for each couple.

The other half? I imagine there was some serious ballot-box stuffing on the part of Stiller Nation.

But if I’m a Stillers fan — and I most definitely am not — I still might have a couple questions about the worth of Ward’s appearance on the show. He’ll apparently soon have surgery to repair one of his ring-laden thumbs, although the injury appears to be football-related and not a rogue paso doble sprain. And while Ward is generally one of the most sure-handed receivers in football, he had one big drop on the show — as in dropping Johnson on her head during a rehearsal session:


But I suspect that as long as dropping dancers doesn’t translate into dropping football the next time Ward’s on the field, Pittsburgh is going to be OK with any little nagging troubles left over from the show. We love us some football, and we love us some reality TV — the winner of the first Survivor All-Star season is a Pittsburgher, after all — and putting the two together has made for a fun off-season.

Hm. American Idol is holding auditions in Pittsburgh on July 15. I wonder if Ben Roethlisberger knows how to sing?

*Preferred local pronunciation.

Photo sources: One. Two. Three: A screen cap I took myself.

Sports News Roundup: Same Stupidity, Different Week Edition

Another week, another round of “You’re an idiot, <insert name of professional athlete here>!” It shouldn’t surprise me anymore, and the ease of finding material is astounding, but jeez Louise, people. These gentlemen (ahem) get paid loads of money and are, in the eyes of some, heroes. But man, are they stupid sometimes..

Duking it out in the boneheaded-retireee category:

Warren Sapp? He was pulled over by a cop in a minivan, but yesterday he had moved on to other more pressing concerns.

Picture 3

Lenny Dykstra? He’s pretending to be a lawyer and demanding his creditors return the private jet they reposessed. He’d like them to give him $800,000 too. He’s also a cutie, right?


John Elway? Ponzi scheme, anyone?

I guess Auto Nation wasn’t the bonanza he was looking for.


Liar? Faker? Crybaby?

That would be Gilbert Arenas. Yawn.

Illegal betting?

Check. Tiger didn’t have enough trouble in his life, and no comment from Federer.


Pinkies are apparently overrated — or at least they are if you’re Hokie left guard Greg Nosal and want to finish the damn game. I’m a mom. I’ve said, “Don’t interrupt me unless there’s blood.” But this? Ridonculous.

And he plays fantasy baseball too.


Big Hair

Elvis has not left the building, or had a haircut since March. Somebody tell him he’s not a hockey player and playoff beards do not belong on top of your head.


[Photo: US Presswire]

Former Agent Josh Luchs Admits To Paying College Athletes

Former NFL agent Josh Luchs dropped a huge bomb on the sports world this week by doing a first person interview with Sports Illustrated about the inner workings of the business and how he used to pay college athletes.


The story, which will appear in the October 18 issue of SI and can be read here, drops a lot of bombshells
because Luchs names names. And he not only names people, he names amounts and has documentation of conversations and wire transfers and bank records. He pulled out all the stops.

I have many reactions to this story. As someone who used to work in both college and professional sports, it’s not all that shocking. I mean, as much as we’d like to all think that not a single college athlete takes money and/or gifts from potential agents, we all know that isn’t the case. (Although, I may have cheered when I read that Dana Stubblefield and JJ Stokes, two players I knew well from my time with the 49ers, refused money.)

I get the argument for paying college athletes. I do. I get that a full scholarship doesn’t really cover everything and that while these kids are excelling on the field and getting national notoriety, their families are probably at home, struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table. And a year’s worth of free tuition doesn’t really help everyone involved.

But the fact of the matter is that it is wrong. It is against NCAA rules. So if you are an agent and you do it, or if you’re a player and you accept it, you need to realize that all this shit could come back to bite you in the ass one day. Just ask Reggie Bush.

Luchs didn’t have a ton of big name clients. He’s no Drew Rosenhaus, but he had his fair share. He also recruited a lot of big names and has no shame in telling who he tried to sign and how he went about doing it, including allegedly giving money to Ryan Leaf and taking him on trips to Vegas and Lake Havasu, AZ. (Although, really, your firm dodged a big ol’ bullet by not signing him.)

Luchs actually ended up getting suspended by the NFLPA for a year and leaving the business after a legal battle with his old boss, Gary Wichard, over a commission check from Keenan Howry.

Which leads me to the big question – Why? Why do it, Luchs? He claims he’s doing it to because his nine year old daughter got an iTouch and can use Google and she can easily now Google his name and see he was suspended. And he wants to do right by his daughter. He wants to come clean and live on the straight and narrow.

OK. I can see that, to a certain extent. But prior to this story, I’m pretty sure not many people knew of Josh Luchs. Now when she Googles his name, this story is going to come up. The story where he did a lot of things that were against the rules, things he knew were against the rules and yet continued to do them. And on top of it, he sold out every single person.

Everybody knows the sports agent business is shady. And like Luchs said, all these things don’t happen just because an agent approaches a player. It goes both ways. These college athletes are no dummies. But to me, what’s shadier than breaking the rules is coming out and naming all these names. There is no grace in trying to ruin other people’s careers. And that, Josh Luchs, is something you should be trying to teach your daughter.

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Kristabella is not a fan of sports agents.