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NFL Roundtable: Week 14, Ladies Only Edition

happy football

It’s just the ladies on our NFL roundtable this week. Sorry, boys.

Happy football!


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Take Away Their Toys….and they win?

Steelers coach bans ping pong

I made a bold prediction this football season. I said the Steelers would go 7 and 7. At the time, I didn’t think it was bold at all. In fact, I was pretty sure they would prove me wrong and get to the playoffs. Some how. As my fantasy opponents are well aware, I can be wrong in so many ways when it comes to football. I expected this to be no different. Read more…

A Reason To Not Care


Every July and August is the same. That’s the time of year I’m really getting wound up about college football, but it’s also the time of year I look to northeast Ohio with glimmer of hope … that the Cleveland Browns might be better this year.

I felt that way this summer as well. The team’s owner not only hasn’t been charged with any felonies, but he’s bent over backwards to make right the things that his company did to its customers. The team actually had assembled some veteran talent on defense to go with the usual stream of youngsters. And on the other side of the ball, there was what appeared to be a respectable second-year quarterback and what should have been a very good second-year running back behind him. OK, so the playoffs would have been a stretch, but on paper the 2013 Browns looked to be a team that could have pushed for a .500 record.

And now, two weeks into the season, the team’s management has pulled the plug. Read more…

Who Dun It??? The Tom Brady Knee Injury Saga


I don’t know if you use the internet. I do. A lot. Mostly Twitter. Which is where I heard the devastating news earlier today about Tom Brady’s knee injury. Thankfully, Twitter was there for me in my time of need. During this hours-long saga, where actual news reports were few and far between, Twitter kept me entertained, and informed. I’ve rounded up some possible explanations for what exactly went down on the field today, and who is behind this whole terrible ordeal, and posted them here, for you. You can thank me later with a cold brew or two. Or you could watch the video footage and make a determination for yourself.

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There’s An App For That


I am black and gold through and through but you can color me a tad bit green green with envy at some of the cool stuff they are incorporating into the new San Francisco 49ers stadium in Santa Clara, California. True to their Silicon Valley roots, the Niners appear to be building the most technologically advanced stadium to date. According to reports, not only will the stadium boast site-wide WiFi capability but it will also include Internet Protocol Television and fans will be able to watch replays of every play on their mobile devices with angles of their choosing. Read more…