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Old School Is New Again in the NBA


The NBA is going Old School again. With the dawning era of the “Big 3”, both in Boston and Miami, the team concept was lost. Things are changing.

The Indiana Pacers are an old fashioned NBA team. There are no superstars. There are players that are becoming household names (Hibbert, George, Stevenson) mainly due to their performance in the postseason. While they are making a name for themselves, the true story is the old one. The team concept.

Across the floor is the vaunted Big 3 v 2.0. James, Wade, Bosh. While Bosh is definitely above average, he is no superstar. Wade once carries the Heat on his shoulders, but injuries seem to prevent him from optimal performance. James, and this is hard to say for a Cleveland Cavalier fan, is THE best player in the league. He is the Superman of the Justice League. He is the leader and clutch player that people expected him to be over a decade ago.

But the Big 3 is NOT the Justice League that it once was. They now depend on performances from the Birdman, Haslam, Chalmers.

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Brittney Griner Has a Real Shot at the NBA


Soon Brittney Griner could be a Maverick in more than one sense of the word.

Dallas Maverick’s owner, Mark Cuban, has come out publicly and said that if Griner were the best player available on the board he would draft her. Griner has expressed interest.

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Brown Fired, Lakers Win

Mike Brown

It’s been a long year and a half for Lakers fans. For a fan base accustomed to winning, big and often, the fact that they didn’t advance past the first round of the playoffs in the 2011/12 season might have been reason enough to fire head coach Mike Brown. Add a 0-8 preseason and a 1-4 record to start the 2012/13 season and the Lakers’ management had reason enough to fire Brown on Friday. Read more…

The NBA Draft, Cavaliers Style

photo: Joshua Gunter

Please welcome our new and awesome guest poster and Cleveland fan, Adam Liberman. 

Unless you are a sports junkie, the MLB and NHL Drafts are really boring. Until the recent increase in coverage from the modern-media landscape and these two leagues adding their own networks, no one knew more than a handful of players without a copy of Baseball America or The Hockey News. Part of it was how young some of these prospects are and part of it is that the impact at the top levels can take a few years.

The “exciting” drafts were the NBA and NFL Drafts. These are the drafts that feature players many people know from the over-saturation of NCAA football and basketball on television and because the athletes can make an immediate impact on the fortune of franchises. These are the drafts that get Cleveland sports fans excited there could be a light at the end of the Browns’ and Cavaliers’ tunnels.

So, as a Cavaliers fan, it was one of the few anticipated days of the year. As a long-time Cleveland sports fan, the idea of actually competing and winning a championship is now so crazy we just focus on our teams hopefully not screwing up the usual top-five selection, which they normally do. You know, other than that 2003 draft…but that guy left anyway.

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Kings of LA?

Dustin Brown Stanley Cup LA Kings

The LA Kings just won the Stanley Cup for the first time in their almost five-decade history and that story barely beat out Andre Ethier’s contract extension for top billing in the next day’s LA Times. It’s not that fans in LA don’t care about the Kings, it’s just that 99% of the people in LA don’t know who the Kings are.

That group contains a producer at our local NBC affiliate, who posted this graphic on a story a few weeks ago when the Lakers, Clippers and Kings were all in the playoffs:

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