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Collegiate Sports New Year Off to Interesting Start


Happy new year, college sports aficionados.

July 1 marks the beginning of the collegiate athletic year, meaning that although it’s still summer, there’s a whole lot of excitement right now.

And confusion. Lots of confusion.

If you’ve been busy working on your grilling plans or scouting out the best location to watch fireworks, here’s a brief rundown of what you’ve missed. Get your notebook ready.

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Sports On Twitter: Body Parts and Fakes Edition

Pittsburgh is a social-media loving town. Our PodCamp kicks ass, there are regular gatherings of parent bloggers, and I’m not sure any city leverages social media for doing good quite like Pittsburgh. We also have some pretty good sports teams (and the Pirates), so it’s only natural that these two worlds should collide.

Sure, there are Pittsburgh athletes tweeting, and the Steelers lead the way with at least twelve current players with accounts, but we now have Troy Polamalu’s hair and Brett Keisel’s beard tweeting. I’m not sure this can be called “taking it to the next level” but that’s what I’m going with.

HarrisonsHits isn’t a body part. I’m not really sure what it is. Let’s go with grammatically-challenged.

NotSteelyMcBeam is not the Steeler’s mascot. Since no one really likes Steely McBeam and his Cowher-esque chin, we like NotSteely better.

And finally, let’s not forget FakeTomlin who doesn’t tweet a lot but is hysterical when he does.

All this is just begging for a Twitter list. What fakes, body parts, or other sports craziness are you seeing on Twitter?

ClumberKim loves her Pittsburgh sports teams. She tolerates the Pirates for the sake of her five year old Yinzer son.

Cincinnati Bearcat Arrested for Snowball Fight

Yesterday the Cincinnati Bearcat was arrested for his participation in a snowball fight.

Not a Cincinnati Bearcat, THE Cincinnati Bearcat.

Robert “Bobby” Garfield III who plays the Bearcat was probably frustrated because Pitt was beating the snot out of Cincinnati and he was throwing snowballs at a crowd of people. When the police asked him to stop, he didn’t.

So they arrested him.

That seems a little bit extreme, but maybe the cops prevented a riot like the mess that happened at The Rose Bowl yesterday.

The University of Cincinnati sent in a backup mascot after halftime.

I don't think this real bearcat was the one called in, but at this point anything is possible.