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Ware’s Horrific Injury Extremely Rare


It was one of those plays that, if you saw it live on television, you wished you hadn’t seen it.

Louisville guard Kevin Ware leapt up to defend a 3-point shot against Duke’s Tyler Thornton midway through the first half in the NCAA Tournament Midwest Region final on Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis.

He came down; his leg shattered in a way that is too horrific to describe.

Players on the Louisville bench screamed. There were reports some were physically ill. Several – including star Peyton Siva – were sobbing on the court. Read more…

The Carla and Crappy Show: The They Know Hoops Too? Edition


Carla and Crappy both know college football pretty well; as it turns out, at least one of them *ahemCarlacough* knows a bit about college basketball.

If you need some last-second help getting your brackets together, the C&C Show has some advice for you. If, you know, for some strange reason you actually think their advice is trustworthy. (We’re a bit skeptical ourselves.)

Our advice? Listen to Carla. Maybe.

Read more…

It’s Madness Already, Even Before the Tournament


Would the team that wants to win the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament please stand up? Or at least … win a couple of games? Consistently?

It seems that’s been a tough task this season, which has been full of court storming and inexplicable losses.

If you follow college hoops regularly, the whole idea of putting 68 teams into a bracket in less than two weeks and picking a winner should make you tremble with fear.

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Irish Beat UConn Women

The UConn Huskies’ three-season dominance of women’s basketball ended tonight, as Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish knocked them off in the Final Four.

The story is really best told by my friend Alana, a daughter of ND alums, partially raised in Indiana:

UConn star Maya Moore could not overcome Notre Dame, led by guard Skylar Diggins, who scored 28 points tonight and had the look of a woman who was not finished winning games in this particular series. March was lucky indeed for the Irish, who had already knocked off a Tennessee team they hadn’t bested in 20 games.

The Huskies pulled back within six a little more than three minutes from the final buzzer, with a series of buckets from Moore pulling them closer than the 10 deficit they faced at the half, but it wasn’t to be. Statistics aside, shots of UConn coach Geno Auriemma courtside after the two-minute warning told the tale. Or at least I thought you could see it on his face:

He just did. He looked like a guy who knew his girls were done, that they were going to lose this game. And I have to say that of all of the displays of basketball coaching I’ve witnessed from many men and women over the past few weeks, I think that Geno Auriemma handled this situation in the best possible way for the situation he was facing for his players and himself.

And I don’t even like UConn, so you can take that to the bank.

“They played great basketball all year,” he said in the post-game presser, which UConn also handled with aplomb across the board, of Notre Dame.

“It’s their turn.”

Moore was a model of poise and mature disappointment in her post-game interview, speaking of her UConn family as the best thing she’d gotten from her competitive experience.

And to anyone who says that women’s basketball isn’t exciting or athletically viable? I say you missed a hell of a game, and a fine example of collegiate athletes working hard to represent themselves and their teams on and off the court. I don’t give a damn where the net is or how exciting anyone thinks  games are or should be. I know basketball, and this was good, competitive basketball, gender aside. All of the women on that court tonight should be proud.

The Irish will meet the Aggies Tuesday in the NCAA women’s championship.

Draft Day Suit March Madness Bracket Update

How are your brackets? Yeah, mine are totally screwed too. I suppose this isn’t too surprising. I mean – how many people had VCU in the final four? Not very many. In fact:

Yeah, two out of almost six million.

Not too surprisingly out of the 64 brackets filled out for Draft Day Suit, none of us correctly picked the final four. The good news is that if you have one or two of the right teams in the final four you still might have a chance at winning.

Here are the top teams as of this morning.

It is looking good for you if you are MAJOKADABA.

So yeah, my brackets might suck, but I am loving this tournament. Who do you think will take it home?