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Lovin’ the Lochte


It’s November and it’s like 15 degrees outside. And – news flash – the Steelers suck so football is kind of dead to me. Obviously, what I need is the next best thing…swimming news! What – you didn’t see that coming? Well, there are some people out there who just can’t get enough Ryan Lochte. They are going to be a little disappointed about what’s going on in his world. Read more…

Who Dun It??? The Tom Brady Knee Injury Saga


I don’t know if you use the internet. I do. A lot. Mostly Twitter. Which is where I heard the devastating news earlier today about Tom Brady’s knee injury. Thankfully, Twitter was there for me in my time of need. During this hours-long saga, where actual news reports were few and far between, Twitter kept me entertained, and informed. I’ve rounded up some possible explanations for what exactly went down on the field today, and who is behind this whole terrible ordeal, and posted them here, for you. You can thank me later with a cold brew or two. Or you could watch the video footage and make a determination for yourself.

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The Beanball: A Scourge In Baseball

Adam Greenberg holds his head after being hit by a pitch in 2005.

Nothing infuriates me more during a baseball game than a beanball. Ok, ok, maybe bunting. I’ve never understood why so many fans cheer for a bean. It’s not the sportsmanlike behavior fans expect of the men that we pay a lot of money to watch play a game we love. These men are paid quite handsomely and are idols to many in their communities, and then in an instant they can turn to this childish attempt at “revenge”. What happened to being the bigger man? What happened to playing the game with grace? What happened to ethics?

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Ware’s Horrific Injury Extremely Rare


It was one of those plays that, if you saw it live on television, you wished you hadn’t seen it.

Louisville guard Kevin Ware leapt up to defend a 3-point shot against Duke’s Tyler Thornton midway through the first half in the NCAA Tournament Midwest Region final on Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis.

He came down; his leg shattered in a way that is too horrific to describe.

Players on the Louisville bench screamed. There were reports some were physically ill. Several – including star Peyton Siva – were sobbing on the court. Read more…

Crosby Spitting Teeth, Out For Months

Sidney Crosby's Teeth Were Pretty Straight, Actually

If I have to say it out loud, and I will, then let it be known that not 30 seconds before Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in the gold medal hockey game for Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics, I stated the words “If Crosby gets this goddamn goal, I swear to God I will never trash him again.” And then moments later Crosby stuffed it in to the back of the net on a pass from Jarome Iginla, and my living room erupted in to pandemonium. Gold, baby, GOLD.

But it came with a price: my favourite pastime of Crosby Bashing. For years, he’d been my favourite punching bag. I sold my soul to the hockey gods. Fair price, I suppose. But I was prepared to adhere to the terms of the deal: no more would I say unpleasant things about the perfectly talented fellow, despite sore temptation. Read more…