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Sergio’s Fried Chicken Shack


Please welcome guest blogger, Chris Read from Canadian Dad. We love him and we think you will, too.

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I’m constantly amazed at the lack of self awareness in professional sports. If it’s not someone shooting themselves in the leg at a nightclub, you can always count on the old “made up a fake girlfriend to win a Heisman and then pretended it was a vicious hoax” routine. (Note:  I’m a huge ND fan, but c’mon, bro!)

Even with the constant barrage of ridiculousness these athletes throw at us, there is one type of party foul that shocks me more than the rest. Sergio Garcia was a shining example of that this past week when he was asked if he would have Tiger Woods over for dinner during the US Open. Now, Sergio could have answered with any number of hilarious one liners, including but not limited to cheating on your spouse and whining. In fact, a Momma joke would have been funnier than this classy response from Mr. Garcia:

“We’ll have him ’round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

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Augusta National, The Masters’ Tournament and a Continuing “Cult of Power”


The following is an excerpt from a post our friend, Joanne Bamberger, wrote and originally posted on The Broad Side. We hope you enjoy her insights on Martha Burk’s book “Cult of Power: The Inside Story of the Fight to Open Augusta National Golf Club and How it Exposed the Ingrained Corporate Sexism that Keeps Women Down”.

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The Masters Tournament — perhaps the premiere golf event of the year — begins in Augusta, Georgia on April 11. Aside from the questions like whether four-time winner of the Masters’ green jacket Tiger Woods will be up to the challenge or not, the Masters’ Tournament has become in recent years something of a lightning rod for its association with Augusta National, a private golf club that for most of its history banned women from its membership.

That changed less than a year ago, but exactly how did that happen?  Martha Burk, the inadvertent champion of getting women into this club, has written a book highlighting the details of that battle, and why part of the focus was on the relationships between major national sponsors like Coca-Cola and General Motors and the venue of Augusta National. How many women will ultimately be permitted to join Augusta is still a thorny question — IBM is one of the major sponsors of the Masters’ Tournament this year, yet Augusta National has yet to invite its CEO Ginni Rometty to join the club.

Burk’s book, Cult of Power, has been updated in time for this year’s 77th annual event. Burk, who has been a guest contributor here at The Broad Side, has provided an exclusive excerpt to peak your interest:

Perhaps because Augusta National seemed a throwback that would surely follow other clubs into the twenty- first century with a little gentle persuasion, confronting the club was not a front-burner issue with me. NCWO has a broad agenda, and we were concentrating on a number of areas such as affirmative action, Social Security, child care, reproductive rights, and equality for women worldwide. Augusta could wait. I threw the clips in a folder for my next steering committee meeting, a month away. A couple of weeks later I met a woman named Rae Evans at a formal dinner in Washington. She told me she was a new member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) board, and I mentioned to her that we were probably going to write to Augusta National about their exclusion of women. She asked me to keep her in the loop.

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Why I Love The Ryder Cup

Bubba Watson at Ryder Cup, Saturday September 29, 2012

Judy was kind enough to contribute a guest post to our Why I Love… series. In addition to following golf, she is a die-hard baseball fan from Cleveland who longs for the glory days of the 1990s. Judy also raises Clumber spaniels in her spare time and competes with them in agility trials. She was a breed columnist for the AKC Gazette magazine for many years. Thanks for the contribution, and excellent primer on Ryder Cup play!

The Ryder Cup is so different from other golf tournaments that I look forward to it every two years. Originally a competition between the US and England, which the US dominated, all of Europe now constitutes the European team, and in recent times the Euros have dominated. Read more…

Breaking News: Augusta National Admits Two Women

Woman waters plants at Augusta National Golf Club

It finally happened. Hell did indeed freeze over.

Approximately eighty years after it’s founding, and a mere 22 years after admitting its first black member, Augusta National Golf Club has admitted two women into membership. The new members are former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and South Carolina businesswoman Darla Moore.

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The Tweet Off Their Back

LPGA Tweets

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  The LPGA debuted a new addition to the caddy bibs at the Wegman’s LPGA Championship this week in Pittsford, NY:  twitter handles. Yes, that’s right, LPGA players with twitter accounts will have them advertised on the backs of their caddies. Read more…