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OMFG, Aaron Hernandez, You Giant Dumb Dummy.

Aaron Hernandez being put into a police car outside his home after being arrested.

I’m ashamed. As a 20 year supporter of the Patriots, I’ve had to defend against a lot of trash talking: “cheaters” “pretty boy” “hoodie“ “Uggs” “Dark Lord” “signed Tebow” “keep losing to Eli who’s really not that great” and I take it all in stride. I will not, however, defend an alleged murderer. I’m not a Ravens fan, after all.  If you did “orchestrate the murder” of Odin Lloyd, then I hope you rot in a jail cell forever. As much as I love your on the field play (how many amazing catches did you make, just last season???) I will not support you during this trial. Sure, maybe I’m jumping the gun here and I should wait until a court finds you guilty, but the evidence is just so damning. The fact that you attempted to destroy the evidence is even more damning.

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Ready to replace Gordon Gee

Ohio State bow ties and everything.

Good afternoon.

The community surrounding The Ohio State University has been thrown into turmoil after Tuesday’s announcement that university President E. Gordon Gee would retire at the end of June. Gee has been a fixture at The Ohio State University for decades, serving two stints as president, and leading the university through unprecedented growth.

I seek to put an end to the turmoil. I am formally announcing my candidacy to succeed Gee as the president of The Ohio State University. Read more…

Brown Fired, Lakers Win

Mike Brown

It’s been a long year and a half for Lakers fans. For a fan base accustomed to winning, big and often, the fact that they didn’t advance past the first round of the playoffs in the 2011/12 season might have been reason enough to fire head coach Mike Brown. Add a 0-8 preseason and a 1-4 record to start the 2012/13 season and the Lakers’ management had reason enough to fire Brown on Friday. Read more…

Short Track Coach Placed on Leave Due to Abuse Allegations


Fall is in the air. And as the college and NFL football seasons are gearing up, October baseball is almost upon us and the NHL lockout looms large, I know that what you can’t get enough of is…speed skating. That’s right – I said speed skating. Guys in unitards with their large and incredibly sharp, um, blades skating around in circles as fast as they can. Speed skating. Short track speed skating, to be exact. And it turns out that there is quite a shakeup going on in the short track speed skating world as nineteen current and former U.S. short track skaters have filed complaints with U.S. Speedskating and the U.S. Olympic Committee making serious accusations of abuse against short track coach Jae Su Chun and assistant coaches, Jun Hyung Yeo and Jimmy Jang, resulting in the placement of Chun on administrative leave. Read more…

Football Firings

It has not been a good week to be a football coach. Read more…