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Au Revoir – for now?

Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one with your Beats by Dre headphones on, not paying attention to the world around you. Let me bring you up to speed. One of the most revered, likable, talented and skilled UFC fighters in the history of MMA has decided to walk away. No, not retire. He did not utter those words, neither will I. He did say he was taking an extended of leave of absence away from the Octagon. And before you ask if he is taking his toys or in this case the belt with him, let me assure you as they say in France, au contraire mon frère. Instead, he is doing this in the most classy way possible. The only way Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, the former UFC Welterweight champion of the world, would. Read more…

Meat and Potatoes and MMA

Cain Velazquez

Burgers and fries. Steak and Baked potato. The two go hand in hand. To get to the steak , you have to go through the potatoes.

If you are health conscious and don’t eat meat and fatty foods, then you probably don’t watch Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In that case, you can read for the hell of it or tap out now. Read more…

The Beanball: A Scourge In Baseball

Adam Greenberg holds his head after being hit by a pitch in 2005.

Nothing infuriates me more during a baseball game than a beanball. Ok, ok, maybe bunting. I’ve never understood why so many fans cheer for a bean. It’s not the sportsmanlike behavior fans expect of the men that we pay a lot of money to watch play a game we love. These men are paid quite handsomely and are idols to many in their communities, and then in an instant they can turn to this childish attempt at “revenge”. What happened to being the bigger man? What happened to playing the game with grace? What happened to ethics?

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Tony Parker Could Miss Olympics Due to a Bar Fight


My favorite sentence I have read all week comes courtesy of Mark Stein and it was on It reads as follows.

NBA star Tony Parker may miss the London Olympics after almost losing his eye in a fight involving singer Chris Brown and members of hip-hop star Drake’s entourage.

I don’t know what my favorite part is. If pressed, I would have to say all of it is my favorite part. This is the funniest reason anyone has ever possibly missed the Olympics since Junior accidentally tripped Derice in Cool Runnings.

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Stop the Matt Cooke Madness

Mario Lemieux needs to fire Matt Cooke. Beyond that, Matt Cooke should not be hirable by any NHL franchise. His professional ice hockey career should end.

It’s that simple. The head hit conversation continues this year – what’s dirty, what’s not, how much is too much. Is this just how the game is played or a squad of brutal enforcers who have heard “Crazy Train” blasting through the arena one too many times, hellbent on sucker punching and therefore brain damaging each other? (Because you know, when all else fails, blame Ozzy.)

This is a discussion that the Pittsburgh Penguins found themselves at the heart of after star Sidney Crosby was sidelined for the season with lingering concussion symptoms. Things had to be serious for Sid. His long term health, not to mention years of his career over the long-term, had to be at stake, or there’s no reason the team would have let him sit this long.

But the hits just keep on coming. And Mario LeMieux and Dan Bylsma cannot allow their players to even discuss the bad form and critical danger of contact hockey while they continue to employ a man who elbows unsuspecting dudes square in the cranium.

Well, they  can do both, sure. But it means that the next time Sid, or they, or any of their guys dare to complain about a head hit or hockey violence, that people can rightfully discount it as sour grapes. Because one of the worst, most unconscionable offenders is on their ice and their bench.

I don’t know who wants to see this kind of thing or gets a big charge out of it anyway, besides someone who enjoys abuse and pain, and I’m not sure those guys should be the target audience for anything. I love ice hockey. I remember going to Caps games in college, when it seemed that fights were dirtier and happened more often, and that aspect has nothing to do with why I love the sport now. I love my team, I love watching the players play the game, and honestly I have strong good will towards hockey players in general. I don’t want anyone to die or be seriously injured, and I sure as hell don’t want to watch it happen.

All I want is to watch a great sport played well. I want the players on the team I root for to get the damned puck in the net, and I want them to win. I would love to see the Washington Capitals win a Stanley Cup before I die, and if they don’t, it’s nice if they are at least playoffs contenders who keep me on the edge of my seat. None of this has anything to do with jacking anyone in the face from behind or tripping him and breaking his leg. It may have something to do with that for other people, although I will boldly say that it shouldn’t, but it matters zero to me. Matt Cooke played fewer than 30 games as a Washington Capital. I wouldn’t have supported this behavior from him then, and I wouldn’t stand behind it from anyone on the team now.

This would be a better time than just about any for Mario Lemieux to step up like the legend he is and make this kind of statement, too.

[Image credit: Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images]