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War Room: Draft Day Suit Takes on the First Round of the 2012 NFL Draft


NFL Football fans! Are you awake? Craving input? Trying to decide if you should proudly wear your favorite team’s jersey to the mall or buy out all of the head-sized paper bags at the local grocery store? Well, the writers at Draft Day Suit have done our part to help you make these important, football-related decisions for next season. Our painstaking research and in-depth analysis of each team’s first round pick will surely arm you with the bragging rights and information that you crave.

Actually, we just chose our favorite team’s picks and, for the most part, lambasted them. I mean, that’s why you come here, right? Right.

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The Saints are Sinners: Isn’t it Ironic?

Saints Favre

Remember that Alanis Morissette song “Ironic”? You know, the one where the only real irony is that pretty much every example she lists is more of a unfortunate coincidence than ironic?  For some reason, it popped into my head the other day as I’ve been reading about the ongoing scandals involving the New Orleans Saints.  Because what could be more ironic than guys known as Saints turning out to be a bunch of sinners?

By now you know about the Saints’ bounty program run by former Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. Not only did he offer players cash rewards for seriously injuring other players, he was indisputably recorded by a documentarian while doing it. I’m guessing that he let his MENSA membership lapse a while back.

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Mad Dogs and Mock Drafts

Please say hi to our friend Stephen Thomas who once again graces us with a gust post. This one is on one of my favorite things in the world,  the NFL draft.  I’m not being sarcastic, I have a thing for drafts. – Sarah
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The NFL Draft is upon us, and we have been beleaguered by dozens of mock drafts in recent days, as much as one can be beleaguered by something you don’t actually have to read.  I mean really, nowhere is it said that you have to read every mock draft on ESPN, or CBSSports.com, or Aunt Edna’s Cookie Blog & Mock Draft-A-Thon.  At least, I don’t think that’s said anywhere, and if it is said somewhere, is that a place you’d want to hang out?  What was I talking about?  Oh right, the NFL Draft.  Seems like everyone and their brother has a mock draft, and since I have a brother (he lives in Columbus, Ohio and works for a medical supply company) I thought I’d join the fray.  If indeed this can be considered a fray.  What is a fray anyway, some kind of cheese?  I’ll bet Gregg Doyel knows.  Gregg is my favorite sportswriter. (No joke, I love the dude)(Well, not “love” love, but I enjoy his writing style and would definitely want to be on his side in a fray, if a fray is something that necessitates choosing sides.  Seriously, can someone look this up?)

A Tale of Two QBs: Peyton Manning vs. Tim Couch


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” – Football Fans in Cleveland and Indianapolis. (And Charles Dickens)

With the Denver Broncos’ recent signing of Peyton Manning, it’s made this Browns fan wonder about what might have been if Cleveland had been granted our replacement / expansion team one year earlier. In 1998, the Indianapolis Colts used the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft on Manning, the QB from Tennessee. In 1999, the expansion Browns used the #1 pick on Tim Couch, the QB from Kentucky. Those two horizontal neighbors provided very different types of QBs to Ohio and Indiana, two vertically neighboring states.

Let’s compare and contrast the last decade-plus for these two gunslingers to see who has done better overall since getting drafted:

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Kyrie Irving: Draft Day Maybe

Duke freshman phenom point guard Kyrie Irving announced he would leave school and enter the upcoming NBA draft on April 6. And then the Minnesota Timberwolves finished their season with a spectacularly awful record of 17 – 65.

Not five minutes after the last game in the Timberwolves miserable season ended, Kyrie Irving started having very public second thoughts. He has since deleted the tweet you see above, retweeted by CanisHoopus, and preserved forever by a member of the Timberwolves mailing list who happened to be out of the country and not updating his twitter feed regularly.

Now I don’t think I would want to go play in Minnesota either. The weather is cold, the team hasn’t had a respectable season in forever, and did I mention the weather is cold? But he’s going to have to show up in Target Center eventually.

Apparently Kyrie has failed to learn the lesson I have taught many an undergraduate in the 20+ years I have spent employed in higher education:  Beware the toes you step on today, as they may be attached to the ass you need to kiss tomorrow. The fans in Minneapolis (all dozen or so of them) will remember, whether he is there in a Timberwolves uniform or not.

ClumberKim has been the ListMOM for the Minnesota Timberwolves mailing list for fifteen years. It’s all Christian Laettner’s fault.