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The Colombia Women’s Cycling Team Look Naked

Colombia womens cycling team uniforms

As a Buccaneers fan, I’ve been upset all season that the new Tampa Bay uniforms this year look like digital clocks. I stopped being sad for myself when I realized I could be a fan of the Colombia Women’s Cycling team.

Holy hell. It looks like they aren’t wearing pants AT ALL.

Colombia womens cycling team uniforms

Can you even wear that on American television?

Is there a draft in here?

I am so aghast that I can’t even be funny. Go ahead caption contest right now.



Johnson Loses Finger, Doesn’t Notice

Hmmm. Dunno. Maybe if I watch the film I can tell when my finger fell off.

You know how sometimes you are playing football and part of your finger falls off and you don’t even realize it until you take your glove off after the game?

Yeah, me neither, but it happened to Rashad Johnson on Sunday.

He isn’t even sure when he lost it.

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Twitter Made Me Rush The Field

Photo by John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

In what is easily the worst excuse I have heard today, an 18 year old Yankees fan named Dylan McCue-Masone a.k.a. @MansoneDylan blamed Twitter for his shenanigans when he rushed the field during the All Star game a few days ago.

I want you to understand that I am saying this a person who has also heard these two pathetic excuses today. 1) I didn’t clean my room because Ian distracted me;  and 2) I couldn’t feed the cat because I heard a buzzing sound in my room. I know a poor excuse for an excuse when I hear one, but this isn’t about my children. This is about Dylan.

Dylan told twitter that if he got 1000 retweets (RT in twitterspeak) he would run across the field.

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Chad Johnson is Going Back to Jail For the Dumbest Thing Ever


No longer being a Bengal isn’t stopping Chad Johnson from getting arrested and going back to jail.

This time he was arrested in court.

For slapping his lawyers ass.

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“Poor academic judgement” is for club water skiers



I remember the day the hammer dropped.

At the end of one of my water skiing classes that spring (shut up), I hung around the lake to ski in the tryouts for the Ohio University water skiing team. I was a pretty good slalom skier, and the instructor — who also served as the team’s coach — said I should hang around because he thought I would make the team.

A full pass at 15-feet off was good enough to earn me a spot on the roster. BAM — suddenly, I was a college athlete. The team’s first meet was in Columbus about two weeks later, but I was told to show up for a team meeting to talk about dues and other stuff a few days after my successful tryout.

And in that meeting — held, appropriately, in a bar — is where my career as a college athlete ended. As a club sport, OU’s water skiing team didn’t have any official NCAA guidelines to follow, but because we skied against schools that had NCAA programs we followed their rules. And my 1.8-something GPA meant I wasn’t eligible.
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