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Cocaine’s A Hell Of A Drug


Ivan Calderon, the 105lb former boxing bad-ass apparently likes blow. I said, likes blow, not likes to blow. Get your mind out of the gutter. Read more…

Smokin’ Joe Frazier Dead at 67


Heavyweight champion boxer  Joe Frazier died Monday night of liver cancer. He was 67. His family released a statement Monday:

We The Family of the 1964 Olympic Boxing Heavyweight Gold Medalist, Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion and International Boxing Hall of Fame Member Smokin’ Joe Frazier, regrets to inform you of his passing. He transitioned from this life as “One of God’s Men,” on the eve of November 7, 2011 at his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We thank you for your prayers for our Father and vast outpouring of love and support. Read more…

Mayweather Clocks Ortiz, Fights With Elderly Commentator, Has No Manners Whatsoever

Floyd Mayweather angered almost all people with an opinion about boxing last night by clocking Victor Ortiz and winning with a fourth-round knockout that was widely considered a sucker punch.

Turns out, Ortiz had head-butted Mayweather, and felt badly about it. So he leaned in “for a hug” and an apology.

I don’t think I understand boxing. He couldn’t just be all “Hey, sorry” and kept bobbing and weaving? I’m familiar with the awkward, hug-like grappling that they tend to do while fighting, but hugging it out over a transgression during a fight just seems like it would ruin the “I’m going to beat your ass six ways from Sunday” vibe. Hm.

Anyway, while Ortiz apologized, Mayweather took the opportunity to haul off and punch him in the head, taking him down, and winning the fight.

“Cheap shot!” everyone on Twitter yelled who suddenly cared about boxing, while Mayweather busied himself insulting and appearing to physically intimidate Larry Merchant, 80, who has been a boxing commentator since Jimmy Carter was president.

Blahblahblah, you suck, Larry Merchant, Mayweather raged. He never gives him a fair shake. Doesn’t know anything about boxing, and need to be fired and etc. Larry kind of giggled and said the following:

“I wish I was 50 years younger and I would kick your ass.”

This is what Merchant looked like right before he delivered that golden line.

I guess after you sucker punch a guy who’s hugging you and apologizing for head-butting you, going off on an 80-year-old man is the next logical step.