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Twitter Made Me Rush The Field

Photo by John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

In what is easily the worst excuse I have heard today, an 18 year old Yankees fan named Dylan McCue-Masone a.k.a. @MansoneDylan blamed Twitter for his shenanigans when he rushed the field during the All Star game a few days ago.

I want you to understand that I am saying this a person who has also heard these two pathetic excuses today. 1) I didn’t clean my room because Ian distracted me;  and 2) I couldn’t feed the cat because I heard a buzzing sound in my room. I know a poor excuse for an excuse when I hear one, but this isn’t about my children. This is about Dylan.

Dylan told twitter that if he got 1000 retweets (RT in twitterspeak) he would run across the field.

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Chad Johnson is Going Back to Jail For the Dumbest Thing Ever


No longer being a Bengal isn’t stopping Chad Johnson from getting arrested and going back to jail.

This time he was arrested in court.

For slapping his lawyers ass.

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Sergio’s Fried Chicken Shack


Please welcome guest blogger, Chris Read from Canadian Dad. We love him and we think you will, too.

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I’m constantly amazed at the lack of self awareness in professional sports. If it’s not someone shooting themselves in the leg at a nightclub, you can always count on the old “made up a fake girlfriend to win a Heisman and then pretended it was a vicious hoax” routine. (Note:  I’m a huge ND fan, but c’mon, bro!)

Even with the constant barrage of ridiculousness these athletes throw at us, there is one type of party foul that shocks me more than the rest. Sergio Garcia was a shining example of that this past week when he was asked if he would have Tiger Woods over for dinner during the US Open. Now, Sergio could have answered with any number of hilarious one liners, including but not limited to cheating on your spouse and whining. In fact, a Momma joke would have been funnier than this classy response from Mr. Garcia:

“We’ll have him ’round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

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Jay Harris Has Scholarship Revoked for Ill-Advised YouTube Video

This is Jay smoking marijuana in what appears to be his treehouse.

Jay Harris had a bright future as a wide receiver. He signed with NCAA powerhouse Michigan State and it looked like he might even start as a freshman.

Then he put this video on YouTube and Michigan State said, um, never mind that thing we said about the scholarship.

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Titus Young Arrested Three Times in One Week

Titus Young t shirt

Shattering NFL records, former Detroit Lions wideout Titus Young was arrested three times in one week.

THREE TIMES IN ONE WEEK. You have to work hard at moral turpitude to actually get arrested that often. You also have to be obvious. In Young’s case it also helped to be drunk and disorderly.

You see, last Sunday Young was pulled over for making an illegal left turn. The police arrested him for suspicion of driving under the influence. Later that night he was arrested again for trying to break his car out of the impound lot.


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