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Sean Payton Gets Full Year Suspension for Bounty-Gate


Any benefit Sean Payton got from his so-called “bounty program” went out the window today, as the NFL suspended him for one year without pay for his super sketchy management decision to compensate players for incapacitating specific opponents. Read more…

Danica Patrick is too Sexy For Words

Danica Patric on car in bikini

I should be more irritated, I suppose, that Danica Patrick told reporters at NASCAR media day that she was so over being called sexy. Blahblahblah, hypocrite, blah. Because, this:  Read more…

How ‘Bout Them Giants?


 You may have seen Heather Barmore around the Internet, where she has written for approximately every site in bloglandia, in addition to sharing her personal story at  No Pasa Nada and politics at Poliogue. You will be in Heather’s company for a very short period of time before learning that she is a New Yorker, and her love for the Giants is of Twitter legend. We are thrilled to have her here to discuss  it. Follow her this Sunday @HeatherBarmore for Super Bowl play-by-play.

The day the Giants beat the 49ers in overtime, I was on a plane from Orlando to my hometown in Albany, NY. It was actually my fourth flight of the day and this is where I note that though I was glad that a roundtrip flight to Salt Lake City, Utah only cost $20 I could have gotten to Europe faster. Read more…

Ovechkin to Skip All-Star Game: So What?


Alexander Ovechkin laid a medium-grade hit on Zbynek Michalek during a loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins this week. The NHL suspended him for two games, in a timeframe which includes Saturday’s All-Star Game. Read more…

Joe Paterno dies at 85


Joe Paterno, 85, died today of complications from lung cancer treatment in State College, Pa., where he coached the Penn State Nittany Lions to two national titles in a Division I-record 409 games. Read more…