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Au Revoir – for now?

Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one with your Beats by Dre headphones on, not paying attention to the world around you. Let me bring you up to speed. One of the most revered, likable, talented and skilled UFC fighters in the history of MMA has decided to walk away. No, not retire. He did not utter those words, neither will I. He did say he was taking an extended of leave of absence away from the Octagon. And before you ask if he is taking his toys or in this case the belt with him, let me assure you as they say in France, au contraire mon frère. Instead, he is doing this in the most classy way possible. The only way Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, the former UFC Welterweight champion of the world, would. Read more…

Meat and Potatoes and MMA

Cain Velazquez

Burgers and fries. Steak and Baked potato. The two go hand in hand. To get to the steak , you have to go through the potatoes.

If you are health conscious and don’t eat meat and fatty foods, then you probably don’t watch Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In that case, you can read for the hell of it or tap out now. Read more…

Pittsburgh Pirates: Could This Be THE YEAR?

Cheesy Baseball Heart

When I asked a few of my fellow yinzers to chime in on the Pirates’ season at the All Star break I wasn’t sure what I would get in return. Many are so beaten down by the last 20 years of losing seasons that they can’t find even a morsel of enthusiasm in their icebox-like hearts. Losing isn’t something we are accustomed to in this City of Champions (and the Pirates, so the t-shirts say).

Then I opened an email containing the words you see below, words that resonated with me and brought back my own vivid memories of the 1975 and 1986 Red Sox World Series defeats. Saying “Sid Bream” in the ‘burgh is not unlike saying “Bucky Dent” to a Sox fan. And my kid has stayed up late for important games since he was two years old and the Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII. I knew the words should stand alone.

Thank you, Kdiddy. Thank you for not being bitter. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. -kjd

I can remember with startling clarity the moment that the Pirates lost the NLCS in 1992. I wasn’t watching the game, but instead listening to my mom watch it on TV downstairs. The game hadn’t started until 8:30 and my bedtime arrived somewhere in the middle. Despite the dire importance of that particular game, my mom sent me to bed. (Note: as an indirect result of the events of that night, my kid is permitted to stay up as late as necessary for important games, consequences be damned.) I could hear my mom’s giddiness as they entered the bottom of the ninth with a 2-0 lead, just three outs away from going to the World Series. She paced around the living room, softly clapping her hands and hissing, “C’mon Bucs. C’mon Bucs.” As the last half of the inning progressed, and the crowd in Fulton County Stadium grew more frenzied, I could tell that things were going horribly awry. My mom groaned, then grew silent. Then Sid Bream slid across home plate as the Braves fans collectively lost their minds. I wasn’t sure what had happened until I heard my mom’s Green Weenie drop to the floor with a pathetic rattle. I cried for a few minutes, as quietly as I could since I didn’t want my mom to know that I was still awake, before finally drifting off into a sad sleep. Read more…

Old School Is New Again in the NBA


The NBA is going Old School again. With the dawning era of the “Big 3”, both in Boston and Miami, the team concept was lost. Things are changing.

The Indiana Pacers are an old fashioned NBA team. There are no superstars. There are players that are becoming household names (Hibbert, George, Stevenson) mainly due to their performance in the postseason. While they are making a name for themselves, the true story is the old one. The team concept.

Across the floor is the vaunted Big 3 v 2.0. James, Wade, Bosh. While Bosh is definitely above average, he is no superstar. Wade once carries the Heat on his shoulders, but injuries seem to prevent him from optimal performance. James, and this is hard to say for a Cleveland Cavalier fan, is THE best player in the league. He is the Superman of the Justice League. He is the leader and clutch player that people expected him to be over a decade ago.

But the Big 3 is NOT the Justice League that it once was. They now depend on performances from the Birdman, Haslam, Chalmers.

Read more…

An Open Letter To NBC

Canadian GP 1999 2

Marie has been an Formula 1 fan for 30 years – ever since she fell in love with the sport watching the 1983 Monaco Grand Prix (won by Keke Rosberg).  Her favorite race commentators have to be Murray Walker and Sir Jackie Stewart.  She has been known to do her own color commentary from the comfort of her sofa, as her husband and kids can attest. (And I’ll confess to not knowing there was a network called Speed. -ed.)

And just like that, two networks broke my heart….  I heard the news on twitter (where else, these days).  Formula 1 is moving from Speed to NBC.  Apparently, FOX is doing a way with Speed, making it another all-sport channel.

So here is my open letter to NBC from a F1 fan who’s been tuning in for 30 years. Read more…