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Baseball Says Thank You

Cutch Hug

MLB thanks the fans, but how do I say, “Thank you,” to baseball, besides forking over the cash for my season tickets, of course?

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The Carla and Crappy Show: Bowlapalooza Edition


Carla and Crappy welcome Braden Gall and David Fox from Athlon Sports to get some truly expert insight into four of the sillier bowl games on this month’s schedule.


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NFL Roundtable: Week 14, Ladies Only Edition

happy football

It’s just the ladies on our NFL roundtable this week. Sorry, boys.

Happy football!


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The Carla and Crappy Show: Football Logic Edition


As the season winds down and Ohio State’s chances of getting an invitation to the national title game grow slim, we find Uncle Crappy relying on Football Logic to make his picks, much to Carla’s amusement. Read more…

Take Away Their Toys….and they win?

Steelers coach bans ping pong

I made a bold prediction this football season. I said the Steelers would go 7 and 7. At the time, I didn’t think it was bold at all. In fact, I was pretty sure they would prove me wrong and get to the playoffs. Some how. As my fantasy opponents are well aware, I can be wrong in so many ways when it comes to football. I expected this to be no different. Read more…