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Carla and Crappy Show: The Rivalry(ish) Week Edition

After the ridiculously amazing opening weekend to the college football season, it’s time for Week 2 … and, well, quite a bit of a letdown.

Level of competition? Meh. Not so much. (If you have Western Kentucky at Alabama on your radars this weekend, we raise our glasses to you.)

And so, without blockbusters this weekend, we took a closer look at the schedule and discovered that there’s a “rivalry-ish-sort-of-thing” happening. (Yes, those may have been our exact words. You’ll have to watch the show to find out.) And oh yeah, that little game happening at a race track in East Tennessee.

Instead of our usual three-games-and-out format, we do a speed round of all of the games that could be construed as rivalries being played, including:

  • Middle Tennessee State at Vanderbilt — Spoiler alert: We like MTSU.
  • BYU at Utah — Has the potential to be a really great game (check your local listings).
  • Kentucky at Florida — Which would be an awesome game if it were basketball season.
  • Iowa State at Iowa — Which could be over before the end of the 1st quarter.

And then, we dive into the two showcase games of the weekend:

Penn State at Pitt — After waiting 16 years for this game, I go on a little bit of a rant on how this game should help both programs turn the page. Maybe. Finally. Hopefully.

Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee — The spectacle at the Bristol Motor Speedway became even more intriguing after both teams got off to a slow start in Week 1. We’d say clear your schedule to watch this one but, well, there aren’t really any other games to clear. So, just enjoy the largest college football crowd in history.

Enjoy the football this week, kids.


Image Source: By Eddie Maloney from North Las Vegas, USA (Bristol Motor Speedway) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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