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And Then Samuel L. Jackson Showed Up …

If this is the way that the 2016 college football season gets started, I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Not only did we get a thrill-of-victory-agony-of-defeat ending here in Nashville thanks to South Carolina’s comeback win (which was quite surprising, to be totally honest), we got an unexpected thriller in Knoxville as nationally-ranked Tennessee survived being Michigan-ed (that’s for you, Uncle Crappy) against Appalachian State … at home, nonetheless.

And then, this absolutely perfect moment happened:

Yep, Louisville receiver Traveon Samuel and quarterback Lamar Jackson sat next to each other on the bench during Thursday’s game against Charlotte … and the internet went crazy.

Even better is that — at least according to Jackson — the moment wasn’t planned.

“The Samuel L. Jackson thing?” Jackson told the Louisville Courier-Journal after the game. “(Samuel) just showed me in the locker room. That’s funny. I’ve never thought of that.”

A close runner-up to this moment, however, happened as Wake Forest hosted Tulane.

A good omen to start the year for Wake Forest? It seems that way, as the Demon Deacons edged visiting Tulane, 7-3.

The best news, folks? This all happened on Thursday. There are still three more days of college football left this weekend.

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