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A Reason To Not Care

Every July and August is the same. That’s the time of year I’m really getting wound up about college football, but it’s also the time of year I look to northeast Ohio with glimmer of hope … that the Cleveland Browns might be better this year.

I felt that way this summer as well. The team’s owner not only hasn’t been charged with any felonies, but he’s bent over backwards to make right the things that his company did to its customers. The team actually had assembled some veteran talent on defense to go with the usual stream of youngsters. And on the other side of the ball, there was what appeared to be a respectable second-year quarterback and what should have been a very good second-year running back behind him. OK, so the playoffs would have been a stretch, but on paper the 2013 Browns looked to be a team that could have pushed for a .500 record.

And now, two weeks into the season, the team’s management has pulled the plug.


The Browns have traded running back Trent Richardson the Colts for Indy’s first-round pick in 2014. Quarterback Brandon Weeden, who was hurt in Sunday’s game against the Ravens, has been replaced by the team’s third-string QB and may not get a chance to earn his job back — perhaps so he can be traded as well.


General Manager Mike Lombardi has written off 2013. He’s going to get himself a mess of draft picks so the Browns can start over again — a shiny new franchise quarterback who will lead the team out of the mess it’s been mired in since it returned to the league in 1999. Just like Weeden. Or Colt McCoy. Or Brady Quinn. Or Charlie Frye, Luke McCown or the man who started it all, Tim Couch.

“No, really — 2014 will be different,” the team will say. “We’ll get it right this time. You’ll see a few years down the road.”

Maybe. But that does nothing to answer a pretty simple question: If the team has already looking ahead to the 2014, why should its fans give a shit about the 2013 season?

I don’t really need the team to answer that question; I think I can come up with a response on my own.

We shouldn’t.

Good luck this year, Browns. Maybe I’ll see you in 2014.

Or maybe I won’t.

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