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Who Dun It??? The Tom Brady Knee Injury Saga

I don’t know if you use the internet. I do. A lot. Mostly Twitter. Which is where I heard the devastating news earlier today about Tom Brady’s knee injury. Thankfully, Twitter was there for me in my time of need. During this hours-long saga, where actual news reports were few and far between, Twitter kept me entertained, and informed. I’ve rounded up some possible explanations for what exactly went down on the field today, and who is behind this whole terrible ordeal, and posted them here, for you. You can thank me later with a cold brew or two. Or you could watch the video footage and make a determination for yourself.

Let’s start from the beginning, today just before 3:30 EST:

While this was the reaction of some:

It certainly was not mine. Mine looked more like this:

Then the rumor’s started circulating – who was behind this “attack”???




The news of his knee injury even halted betting in Las Vegas:

Of course, then Twitter had to do what it does “best,” and the Tom Brady’s Knee parody account was born:



Thankfully my afternoon was saved by this tweet:

And then this young woman nails this entire Patriots preseason in one tweet:

I hope the Dark Lord has a plan, because right now praying to the Hoodie on a nightly basis doesn’t seem to be helping. Maybe I should up it to twice daily?

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3 Replies to Who Dun It??? The Tom Brady Knee Injury Saga

  1. Sarah says:

    Tebow is the Devil? I KNEW SOMETHING WAS AWRY.

  2. MsBossyNoPants says:

    Popular opinion would state that Belichick is Satan and Tebow is the second coming of Christ, but I like your idea better!

  3. norm says:

    Can we talk about how USA Rugby tried to recruit Tebow to play for the Eagles? CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS. I am so upset.

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