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Jokes Are Funny, And Whatnot

Have you seen “The Butch Jones Song”?

If you haven’t, now is your big chance.

(probably not entirely safe for work, or your kids)

This is the funniest video I’ve seen all week. Not to be a weirdo fan girl about one of my own… well, yeah, I guess I kind of do mean it, but if this guy wrote for you, you would do the same thing. Squee!

Now I’ve heard talk that there is some pushback on this video. Apparently some people are having trouble with the concept of parody and jokes, but take it from the writer, this is indeed a labor of Volunteer love.

…it’s over-the-top parody — social commentary, even — one that both pokes fun at and embraces fandom in general, Vol fandom in specific.

See? So everybody, just calm the hell down. It is FUNNY. Jokes are funny.

But let’s talk about Butch Jones and Tennessee for just a second. I am no college football expert, but Jones did a good job in Cincinnati and I think, although he was an unexpected choice for the Volunteers, this might actually be a good fit. He is no Jon Gruden, and I don’t think he is even a Phil Fulmer, but on the upside, I don’t think he is a Lane Kiffin or a Nice Pants Dooley either. It might take a few years to really rebuild this program, but I think Jones and the Vol mystique can do the kind of recruiting that can bring the team back up into the top 10 by 2015.

Alabama and Florida can’t be good forever, can they?

If you aren’t also reading All Vol Y’all on a regular basis you are missing out.

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