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Ryan Braun And The Ridiculousness That Is Major League Baseball

You can add Ryan Braun to the growing list of disgraced athletes who have been caught using PEDs. From the sound of things, A-Rod isn’t too far behind and my distaste for baseball is at a point where I just don’t care to support it anymore.

Braun, the 2011 NL MVP, accepted his 65 game suspension on Monday and will forfeit the remaining $3 million or so dollars on his $8.5 million dollar salary. He issued a statement about realizing his mistakes and being sorry for those he disappointed. He most likely wrote the apology while sitting on his couch, which is made solely of $100 bills.

Ryan BraunSome of Braun’s peers had thoughts on his admission of guilt and subsequent suspension. The two that stood out for me, at opposite ends of the spectrum, were from Skip Schumaker and Torii Hunter. Schumaker called for a lifetime ban, which I have a hard time disagreeing with at this point, while Hunter’s approach was more forgiving and completely ridiculous, when he said:

“He stepped up. It’s just like when you get a ticket, a speeding ticket. You know you were speeding. You get a ticket and you go and you do your time or pay your speeding ticket, then you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. That’s what Braunie is doing. Everybody makes mistakes. It takes a man to forgive him. If you don’t forgive him, then are you a man?”

Ummm, with all due respect to Mr. Hunter, the last time I got a speeding ticket, the paying public was not shelling out thousands of dollars a year to see me play and act as a role model for their children. My speeding didn’t steal a trophy, bonus and potentially a salary raise away from a ‘hopefully’ hard working major leaguer. These two situations are not the same, I do not forgive Ryan Braun, AND, I do, in fact, still feel like a man for admitting this.

Seriously though, Major League Baseball, how can 65 games be enough? He’s still getting $5.5 million dollars for CHEATING! I can’t be the only one who thinks this is absurd and in no way discourages players from taking PED’s and cashing their checks until they are caught, if ever. I’m not an expert on PEDs or baseball even, for that matter, but I have dreamt of taking my kids to the park, the way my father did with me, for a long time now and this constant cheating is not something I am going to expose them too. Tack on the fact that I am a Blue Jays fan and you can understand how frustrating this must be for me.

All that said, I hope Ryan Braun does the right thing and returns to NL MVP award back to Major League baseball, so they can award it to the runner up, and hopefully clean, Matt Kemp.

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  1. I’m really interested in getting a hold of his couch.

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