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Football Can Wait? A Rebuttal

My “friend” Kim wrote a little post yesterday called “Football Can Wait”.  She waxed poetic about baseball in the fall and how she really doesn’t need football to complete her life at this time of year.

Clearly Kim has gone crazy.

Football is the greatest thing in the world. Well, maybe not better than sex or white truffles, but certainly better than baseball. I don’t mean to say that I don’t enjoy a nice baseball game on a crisp fall afternoon, just not a Saturday or Sunday afternoon- or a Thursday or Monday night.

I adore NFL football, and don’t let Clumberkim confuse you, you can call your baseball team whatever you want, the Bucs are securely in Tampa Bay with a 1-0 record after upsetting conference rivals, the Carolina Panthers. I grew up where there wasn’t really anything crisp about fall. What you need to know to watch a Bucs game is to remember to drink water between each beer so you don’t die from heat exhaustion, but now that I live closer to our nation’s capitol the thing to remember is that the hashtag #HTTR means “Hail to the Redskins” and if you are at M&T Bank Stadium and somebody yells “Any dogs in the house?” it is time to start barking.

I love going to football games in Baltimore. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking up some tickets.

It gets better. The NFL is only half of it. We could not possibly underestimate the power of college football.

Trash talking diehard Ohio State fans was the highlight of my weekend and you have to keep in mind I went to and was rooting for UCF. The spread was 17 points. We only lost by 15, but there was a short time where we were in the lead to the 14th ranked team in the country. Cheering on your Alma Mater cannot be beat.

Unless it is Super Bowl Sunday.

Maybe you baseball fans don’t understand how long we have to wait because your playoffs go on for a bazillion years. Maybe you don’t require hard his or a beautiful spiral. Maybe you didn’t see David Akers kick a 63 yard field goal, maybe you didn’t catch Robert Griffin III make a stunning NFL debut. Maybe you didn’t see that South Carolina/Vanderbilt game in week one. Maybe you didn’t see the Lion’s comeback or the lat 45 seconds of the Seahawks game (it was exciting and OH BOY can Coach Carroll chew some gum). Maybe you missed Ronde Barber’s 200th consecutive start.

Maybe you missed everything that was good.

I like most sports and I have no beef with baseball, I will be watching the Nationals quest for the pennant with bells on, but football is the greatest of the sports. I will listen to your arguments, but I don’t think I will be swayed.

Football can’t wait. Football is right on time.



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Goon Squad Sarah lives in the Washington D.C. suburbs and spends a lot of time obsessing about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Washington Capitals, fantasy football, and explaining to her nine year old twins why we don't root for the Redskins in our house. Sarah is also a sucker for the Orlando Magic and the Washington Nationals. If you can't get enough of Sarah here you can also find her writing at Sarah and the Goon Squad, SNAFU Music, MamaPop or a myriad of other sites depending on the day. She also sits on the advisory board of Women Talk Sports. Sarah founded Draft Day Suit back in 2006.

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19 Replies to Football Can Wait? A Rebuttal

  1. Deb says:

    Wasn’t Akers punt FABULOUS!! A play that demonstrates the unpredictably wonder of sport.

    I am between you and Kim. I am NOT READY to say goodbye to baseball (whose playoffs, btw last about the same time as footballs, but without that stupid 2 week break before the finale). But I’m also ready for football. Saturdays and Sundays are a remote-fest! Two to three baseball games, three to four football games… all intersperced. I could plant myself on the couch ALL DAY! (best part of west coast living- I can go from 9 am to 11 pm!)

  2. norm says:

    No, I’m forced to agree with Kim. Scheduling the beginning of the football season for right when the pennant races are starting to get really interesting is a total attention whore move. But you can have it both ways. Just get a DVR and, uh, quit your job or something.

  3. I love football. I just do.

    And like I mentioned, I loved Kim’s post. It made me really want to go to a baseball game. But I have to say…I’ve never sat and watched an entire day of MLB baseball. Ever.

    I reserve that kind of slothfulness for football.

  4. Suebob says:

    Look, I hate football, but considering that the baseball season seems LONGER than the actual calendar year, maybe the solution is to trim fall baseball and let football, which has at least the advantage of a nice, compact season, go on as it does.

    Next: can we have fewer than 800 NBA games in a season?

  5. clumberkim says:

    I think Sarah confirmed Baseball is better. Nobody waxes poetic about football.

  6. I think we can all agree with Suebob. Basketball postseason is endless.

  7. Observacious says:

    Football. Definitely football, although I care as much about college football as I do about preseason.

    Baseball is fine, but it feels very repetitive. 9 innings (or more!) for hundreds of games. Ack. Cut it to 4 months of games with 5 innings each, and it might keep my attention.

  8. norm says:

    Heh, Randall Munroe reads Draft Day Suit? Look!

  9. How accurate is that graphic?


  10. In this household it’s football all the way.

    I’m Boston all the way, but if the Red Sox are doing good it kills a fair amount of crucial October business, as the parents don’t bring the family out when a game is on.

  11. Uncle Crappy says:

    Kim: I wax poetic about football regularly. I have at least two blogs filled with football-related poetic waxing…

  12. Uncle Crappy says:

    Sarah: Your football team was so cute on Saturday.

  13. Uncle Crappy: My football team made us proud on Saturday. We put up a good first. At least for the first half.

  14. silver account says:

    I’m not sure any kid dreams of being a long-snapper. You just sort of become one because you don’t really fit anywhere else on a football field. You’re too big or you are too small or too weak and certainly too slow to play any other position. However, you are just big enough and just strong enough and just talented enough and best of skilled enough to have the circus talent known as snapping.

  15. clumberkim says:

    Uncle Crappy: All I have to say about poetic waxing is OUCH!!! Your back isn’t that hairy!

  16. Uncle Crappy says:

    Kim: That’s more like “Swearing-Like-A-Sailor Waxing.” Nothing poetic about it.

    Sarah: You should be proud. I think UCF could do what I hope Ohio State does this year: despite the postseason ban, make sure everyone else in the conference knows who has the best team.

  17. aliberman says:

    I worked in MLB for more than 10 years. I love baseball, but football is king. Not only does football rule the day, but the baseball players feel that way too! The Braves had a huge annual fantasy football league each year and each week they had the NFL Sunday Ticket in the clubhouse. Heck, one year they didn’t order the Ticket in time for the season start so John Smoltz brought his receiver from home so he could watch the crappy Lions!

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